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Lei Chen's Blog

Lei Chen visited both China and Japan. These are her thoughts...

Besides writing a blog, we also filmed Lei Chen just before she completed her education here at Hamilton College. Watch the Video Stream or Download the Video.

May 2000 - My Second Home

My college life is very integrated with foreign languages and foreign cultures. I study two languages at college that will eventually become my major... Read More >>

June 2000 - No Limitations

Prior to coming to Hamilton College, I believed that students would be able to take any courses they wanted... Read More >>

October 2000 - Konnichi Wa!

Konnichi wa! Hey everybody! How is everyone doing? Tokyo is wonderful! I love it so far which most of you know... Read More >>

November 2000 - Japan Is Awesome!

I had six days for vacation so I went to visit Kyoto (the capital of Japan before it became Tokyo), Osaka and Kobe for the first three days of break... Read More >>

December 2000 - Happy Holidays from Tokyo!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! It's really weird this year that I won't be able to see all of you during this holiday break, but then again, there is always next year... Read More >>

January 2001 - Leaving Tokyo, Next Stop Bejing!

Tomorrow my flight departs from Tokyo and I will be in Beijing by tomorrow afternoon.I can't believe these last four months in Tokyo have flown by so fast. I mean, I can still remember... Read More >>

December 2001 - The Whole Experience

Studying languages here at Hamilton gave me a good solid linguistic background, which definitely helped ease the typically difficult transition process to a certain extent, but I still encountered quite a bit of culture shock in Japan... Read More >>