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Levitt Research Fellows Program Summer Research Funding

Information for Faculty Advisers


Part of the student's application is a letter from you that comments on the quality of the student's project and the student's ability to complete the project over the course of the summer. This letter must be received by the application deadline so that the student's proposal can be given full consideration. In addition to your assessment of the student's capabilities to successfully complete a summer research project, your letter should comment on the general feasibility and suitability of the student's proposal for full-time research for a ten week period, the plan that you have established with the student for regular communication, and your interest in this research area.

Your responsibilities as a Faculty Adviser

The Levitt Fellow is a competitive research award and we rely on you, as the faculty adviser, to ensure that the students who are selected to receive a Levitt Fellowship have a good research experience while fulfilling their obligation to work on the project full time for a period of ten weeks. We ask that you approve the progress reports that your student will be submitting during the summer, your student's final research paper at the end of the summer, and provide input for the creation of the poster for the Fall poster session.

Faculty stipends for supervising Levitt Fellows are $2,000 for one student and $3,000 for two students.

  • You will receive an email from Interfolio notifying you that a student requested that you provide a confidential letter of recommendation.
  • Click on the “interfolio.com” link embedded in the email.
  • On the Interfolio home page, click on the "Submit letter" button in the "Letter Writer" box.
  • This will prompt you to create an Interfolio account, which you should do unless you already have one. Please use your Hamilton email address for your account.
  • After signing in, you should click "View pending requests". You will see the request from your student.
  • Click on the "Submit letter" button, then "Upload letter" and attach the letter you want to submit. It will take a few moments to upload, but once it is complete, you should receive a notification.