Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center

Public Projects 2007-2008

Client Agency: City of Rome
Student Analysts: Jonathan Peros and Joseph Rinaldo
Title: Rome Parking Study: An Assessment of Parking in Rome's Main Street Corridors
Summary: Jon and Joe examined parking problems in Rome's three downtown parking corridors -- East Dominick Street, West Dominick Street, and James Street -- and at Fort Stanwix National Monument.  After meeting with community stakeholders, examining the literature on urban revitalization, and investigating parking innovations in other communities, the pair provided comprehensive recommendations to facilitate economic development through parking changes.

Client Agency: New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control
Student Analyst: Ntokozo Xaba
Title: The Effects of Fire Safety Standards for Cigarettes on Cigarette Fires in New York State
Summary: In 2000, New York State became the first state in the nation to require "fire safe" cigarettes.  When left unattended, these cigarettes extinguish themselves, rather than continuing to burn.  The law took effect in June 2004.  Using data provided by the New York State of Fire Prevention and Control, Ntokozo examined whether cigarette fires have declined since the law was implemented.

Client Agency: New York State Workers' Compensation Board
Student Analyst: Catrin Jones
Title: Uninsured Employers in the New York State Workers' Comp System: What Can Be Done to Close the Coverage Gap?
Summary: New York State requires all employers to cover their employees for work-related injuries through the workers' compensation system, but approximately 20% of them fail to do so.  Catrin examined reforms to address this problem that have been enacted in California, Colorado, and Florida, and the reform proposals that have been devised for New York State.  She concluded her study by making comprehensive, cost-effective recommendations for changes in the New York State workers' compensation system.