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“I’m a friendly face,” Dori Critelli says. “I remember ­students’ names. They appreciate that. They don’t feel like they’re just a number when they come in.”

But the Writing Center assistant, who makes appointments, manages the center’s schedule and oversees her own staff, does eventually turn visitors into numbers. She keeps and charts data for every conference, tutor and student client. Those statistics are critical because they show how and how much the Writing Center is being used by Hamilton students and faculty members. And the numbers tell a remarkable story:


­Number of writing conferences held from February 1987, when the Writing Center opened its doors, through December 2006.


­Number of conferences held in 2005-06, a single-year high.


Number of student tutors employed at the Writing Center since it opened.


Number of writing tutors now working during an average semester. A study of 245 college and university writing centers in 2003-04 found Hamilton’s 25 student tutors to be twice the median number, even though Hamilton’s student body was much smaller than most in the study.


Number of departments and concentrations represented by the 25 writing tutors in 2005-06. Linked closely to Hamilton’s interdisciplinary, writing-intensive curriculum, tutors are drawn from the sciences and social sciences as well as the humanities. The class range in 2005-06 also was typical: 13 seniors, seven juniors and five sophomores.


Percentage of graduating tutors to earn College Honors since 1999.


Percentage of graduating tutors elected to Phi Beta Kappa since 1999.


Most visits to the Writing Center over four years by a single student. Students typically visit four to six times.


Number of hours per week the Writing Center is open.


Percentage of the Class of 2006 who visited the Writing Center during four years at Hamilton.


Percentage of the Class of 2006 who visited the Writing Center only because they were required to visit.


Number of U.S. liberal arts colleges other than Hamilton designated as having a top writing program by U.S. News and World Report.

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