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Teaching at Hamilton

By Helen S. Schwartz and Donald Challenger

Early in his teaching career, Austin Briggs was talking with a legendary older colleague, George Nesbitt '24, about how to be more effective in the classroom. "Open the windows and close the doors," Nesbitt told him. It turned out to be pretty good advice. More ...


In Search of the 'Win-Win-Win Result'

New board Chair A.G. Lafley '69 brings a stellar corporate résumé and a well-earned reputation as a listener and consensus-builder. More ...

What Students Want

By Helen S. Schwartz

Students come to Hamilton expecting to find passionate, committed teachers who will challenge them to exceed expectations. And they do. More ...

Assessments: Personal Connections Count Most

By Jo Pitkin K'78

Tools to measure the College's impact on students point to a fundamental reality, one researcher says: "Hamilton is first and foremost a community. All of the educational good we offer really depends on that." More ...

'Sitting in the Front Row Could Be Dangerous'

Animated, intense, brilliant, wise, funny, generous of spirit — the Hill's great teachers have been unique individuals, but alumni remember their shared commitment to their students' success. More ...

Go to the Head of the Class

By William Billiter

Often taking their inspiration from their experiences and role models on the Hill, many graduates return to the classroom as teachers themselves. More ...