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As If You Didn't Already Know This

Just in time for spring, Hamilton's campus was cited as one of the nation's "Most (Overlooked) Beautiful Campuses" by the March 15 Chronicle of Higher Education Web site.

"Maybe I have a thing for hilltop colleges," wrote author Scott Carlson. "One drives up a hill from Clinton, N.Y., to get to Hamilton. The campus's historic buildings have an astounding beauty, especially on the misty late-winter day I was there."

A photo of South Hall, with the Chapel in the background, was included. Hamilton was joined on the short list by Johns Hopkins, Davis and Elkins College and St. John's of Minnesota. Carlson was writing in rebuttal to an earlier article in Forbes magazine, which hit some familiar notes in claiming to identify the world's most picturesque campuses: Oxford, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, the usual suspects.

If he liked the Hill that much in late winter — bleak days in almost every alum's memory — one can only imagine how knocked out he'd be in October or May.

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