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Those on Campus Respond to Quake

Though students were busy preparing for the beginning of the spring semester as the Haitian earthquake struck, many quickly reached out to the victims with their time, effort and donations.

The Social Justice Initiative, Lambda Upsilon Lambda and Sigma Lambda Upsilon quickly raised more than $1,200 for UNICEF, selling bracelets as well as taking donations of food, clothing and supplies. The West Indian and African Association collected contributions, while the Hamiltones, Tumbling After, Special K and others appeared at a Haiti Relief Benefit. Students for International Public Health Awareness directed its collections to Partners in Health, long active in Haiti. HAVOC raised funds through a FebFest dodgeball tournament, while the Black and Latino Student Union and Emerson Literary Society made Valentine's Day appeals, selling candygrams and handmade cards, respectively. The ELS effort benefited Architecture for Humanity, an organization working to rebuild schools in Haiti.

The quake was "the latest and most devastating blow for Haiti," Robyn Gibson '10 said in urging the campus community to support Partners in Health and other help agencies. "The recovery will be long and hard."

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