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Michael David Walter ’90

A trader in currencies, was born on July 29, 1968, in Framingham, MA. The elder son of David and Judith Walter, he grew up in Mason, NH, where his entrepreneurial parents operated Pickity Place, a quaint cottage with gardens, containing a restaurant and gift shop. Mike Walter prepared for college at Dublin School in New Hampshire and came to Hamilton from Mason in 1986. He played a variety of intramural sports while on the Hill and was a member of the Residence Hall Council during his senior year. Majoring in economics and minoring his sociology, he was graduated in 1990.

Mike Walter was successfully engaged for many years in the sales field, where his accomplishments were rewarded with recognition and promotion. His success in achieving whatever he undertook was aided by a strong dedication and ability to think creatively. Most recently he had established his own business as a currency trader.

Known for his readiness to tell good jokes and his penchant for playing on words, Mike Walter “was a big-hearted, sensitive man who was able to find humor in all things.” He was also know for his fondness for children and eagerness to assist friends in need of help.

Michael D. Walter, a resident of Concord, NH, died on August 25, 2010, at the age of 42. In addition to his parents, he is survived by two sisters and a brother, Shelly, Wendy, and Andrew.
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Palmer Caton Douglas ’93

Palmer Caton Douglas ’93, a son of James A.M., an investment advisor, and Florence Palmer Douglas, was born on November 29, 1970, in New York City. He prepared for college at St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire and entered Hamilton from Pound Ridge, NY, in 1989. Concentrating in history, he was graduated in 1993.

After leaving the Hill, Palmer Douglas moved to Manhattan and obtained employment with Campbell Cowperthwait, investment counselors. On September 30, 1995, he and Anne C.B. Murphy were married, and the couple moved to Richmond, VA, where Palmer went to work for the Coca Cola Co. The College has no information regarding his subsequent activities.

Palmer C. Douglas was still residing in Richmond when he died on February 8, 2010. In addition to his wife, he is survived by his father and stepmother, Gail Douglas; a brother, J. Alexander M. Douglas, Jr.; and two sisters, Evelyn Douglas and his twin, Constance Douglas ’93. His mother predeceased him in 1985. Palmer’s “spirit of caring, love for his family and friends, and contagious laughter” will remain in fond memory for all those who knew him.
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Sarah Stonelake Wright ’95

Sarah Stonelake Wright ’95, a dedicated teacher who confronted adversity with ever-positive resolve, was born on September 27, 1973, in Scranton, PA. A daughter of Robert E., a physician, and Carole Cook Wright, a mental health aide, she was graduated from Scranton Preparatory School, where she played varsity tennis. She also enjoyed horseback riding and had won ribbons in horse shows. Sarah Wright came to College Hill in 1991 from Clarks Green, PA. She majored in psychology while minoring in Spanish, and left the Hill with her diploma in 1995.

Sarah Wright began her career in education by teaching autistic children at a school in Framingham, MA. She went on to earn an M.A. degree in the teaching of Spanish from ­Simmons College in 1997. After working with children at the New England Center for Autism, she spent a summer in Spain, teaching English in Cordoba. After her return to the United States in 1998, she taught Spanish at Marshfield High School in Marshfield, MA. In 2005, she moved to Wilmington, DE, to teach Spanish at Wilmington Friends High School. Her profound belief in the value of education inspired her students and permanently touched their lives.

Besides enjoying travel and experiencing other cultures, absorbing them with an open heart and mind, Sarah Wright was fond of spending time in the kitchen, creating “amazing meals” for her friends. Although diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, she remained active and upbeat, and “found something to be grateful for each day.”

Sarah S. Wright’s eight-year struggle with leukemia ended at Mercy Hospital in Scranton, PA, on April 23, 2010. She is survived by her siblings, Rachel Wright Heinle, Ann Itterly Wiley, and Brian Itterly.
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