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"Joan is at heart a scholar and a teacher. That is her core."
Patrick J. Maney, Professor and Chair, USC Department of History

"She seems very serious, but she has a wry sense of humor."
Patrick J. Maney, Professor and Chair, USC Department of History

"For Hamilton College, hiring Joan Stewart can be equated to winning the lottery. Without a doubt, she will take you to new heights. She will thrive, and you will thrive."
Sheila Pidgeon, Secretary, USC Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

"Joan brought energy into the college that wasn't there before."
David G. Hodges, Columbia, S.C., Businessman and USC Supporter

"I found Joan Stewart to be a great colleague. She will represent your college in an exemplary manner. She is an excellent administrator who works as a consensus builder and brings people together to get things done. I personally like Joan's great sense of humor, the ability to laugh at herself and not take herself too seriously."
Patricia Moody, Dean, USC College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management

"She's a person of quality and manifest integrity. You can trust what you hear from her."
Ronald C. Rosbottom, Former Dean of Faculty, Amherst College

"I am sure that all constituencies at Hamilton -- faculty, students and administration -- will be energized by her presence. She will find the spark of originality in all of you and encourage you, each in your own way, to achieve your highest potential."
Vicki Mistacco, Professor of French, Wellesley College

"She's a very intelligent person, and, at the same time, a very down-to-earth and warm individual."
Jerome D. Odom, USC Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

"She's extremely supportive of em teaching,"
Judith Kalb, USC Assistant Professor of Russian

"She's an excellent scholar, but I may be slightly biased,"
Philip Stewart, Benjamin E. Powell Professor of Romance Studies, Duke University

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