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... what attracted you to Hamilton:
"... [T]he emphasis on communication, the value placed on faculty and student interaction and on community, and a commitment to diversity that goes back to the College's very beginnings.

... Add to all that an exceptionally talented student body, a dedicated faculty, and alumni of truly uncommon loyalty and devotion. I realized there had to be good reason for all that loyalty!"

... liberal arts education:
"While we teach students to think with a critical perspective, we also want to make sure that they have the sense of history that has made criticism possible."

... being Hamilton's first woman president:
"It's hardly an innovation for a woman to head a major institution nowadays, but I appreciate that it does have symbolic value. To me, it's less important than what Hamilton is and what Hamilton represents."

... Hamilton's place in higher education:
"I expect Hamilton to become increasingly recognized as a national leader among liberal arts colleges and, with its historical emphasis on communication, as a place characterized by vigorous conversation about the very meaning of liberal arts education."

... returning to New York:
"The very sounds of peoples' voices are different, and I love those sounds. I like the South, too, but this is a perfectly comfortable and happy transition for me. Maybe I'm crazy, but I look forward to some real winters."

... being part of an academic couple in the same field:
"Philip is very Midwestern. He's calm and thoughtful and extremely supportive of me. There's never been an iota of competition between us."

... reading novels and listening to books on tape:
"I like narrative and I like plot. And at the same time, I'm constantly thinking about how what I read relates to education."

... unwinding:
"If possible, I go to Paris! When that's not possible, I get on the treadmill or listen to the Clancy Brothers, Kenny Rogers or Edith Piaf. I also like to watch old movies on video, preferably those set in Paris."

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