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The Man Who Taught Brains to Storm

Alexander Osborn may not be a household name, but as the creator of brainstorming more than 60 years ago and the author of many books on creativity and business innovation, he may be the most influential member of the illustrious Class of 1909. Now, how­ever, his best-known idea has come under fire from some researchers.

Men of Letters

For 40 years, the ABC House and its young scholars — who come to Clinton from underserved neighborhoods and schools — have stood as a symbol of what is possible when campus and community come together. Through the decades more than 90 ABC students have finished Clinton High School and gone on to leading colleges and universities.

What They Saw There

Each year the Worldview Photo Contest, featuring the photographic and written work of students studying abroad, provides the Hamilton community with remarkable glimpses of other cultures and distant landscapes. The Alumni Review last published Worldview photos in 2009, and we return this year with a renewed sense of a complex, diverse global community.

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