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Eugene Domack Receives Grant from CNYRPB to Study Oneida Lake
Professor of Geology Eugene Domack received a grant from the Central New York Regional Planning Board to study the depositional history and environmental consequences of the Oneida Creek delta in Oneida Lake. With Scott Ingmire of the Madison County Planning Office, Domack will begin a year-long investigation of the depositional processes and accretion rates of the delta in order to understand the relative role of wave action versus flood activity across the eastern shoreline of the lake. This is part of a larger effort supported by the CNYRPB in development of the Oneida Lake watershed plan, one of the largest watershed districts in New York State.

Domack gave an invited paper at the 9th Annual West Antarctic Ice Sheet symposium held in Sterling, Va., and a talk at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in November. In addition, he has recently published three papers in Marine Geophysical Researches, Geology and Paleoceanography. More ...

Larson Publishes Paper in Columbia Journal of American Studies
Associate Professor of English Doran Larson has published a paper titled "Taylor-Made Girls: Eroticizing Scientific Management in SISTER CARRIE," in the Columbia Journal of American Studies. More ...
Associate Professor of English Edward Wheatley
Wheatley Publishes Article in Disability Studies Quarterly
Associate Professor of English Edward Wheatley has published an article titled "Blindness, Discipline, and Reward: Louis IX and the Foundation of the Hospice des Quinze-Vingts" in the Fall 2002 issue of Disability Studies Quarterly. The article is available on line at  www.cds.hawaii.edu/dsq. More ...
Martin Presents Paper at APSA Conference
Assistant Professor of Government Robert Martin presented a paper titled "Stigmatizing Dissent: The Democratic Societies of the 1790s and the Failure of the Deliberative Model" at the American Political Science Association Annual Conference in September. The paper was part of a panel Martin organized, "Political Problems and Social Agony: The Failures of Deliberative Democracy." More ...
Assistant Professor of English Steven Yao
Yao's Book Published
Assistant Professor of English Steven Yao authored a book, Translation and the Languages of Modernism: Gender, Politics, Language (Palgrave/ St. Martins, 2002), which demonstrates the central importance of translation as a mode of literary production in the development of Anglo-American Modernism. In addition, Yao organized and presided over the seminar "World Modernisms" at the fourth annual Modernist Studies Association Conference. The seminar sought the broaden the scope of the investigation into Modernism beyond the limits of Anglo-Euro-American culture. More ...
Yordan Publishes Articles, Reviews and Op-eds
The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs published Visiting Instructor of Government Carlos L. Yordan's essay "Resolving the Bosnian Conflict: The Past Failures of American and European Solutions" in its Winter 2003 issue. In addition, his review of John Mearsheimer's oft-cited book, The Tragedy of Great Power Politics, is in the Journal of International Relations and Development. Yordan published an op-ed in the Syracuse, N.Y. Post-Standard on Oct. 10, titled "Winning the Public Relations War Before Defeating Saddam." The Utica, N.Y. Observer-Dispatch published another op-ed, titled "NATO Needs Realignment to Maintain Clout," on Nov. 17. He also published an article on the future of the trans-Atlantic alliance on the Canadian Institute of International Affairs publication Institute Affairs (November 2002). The article was titled "Recasting NATO for the Post 11 September World." More ...
Omori Presents Paper
Instructor of Japanese Kyoko Omori presented a paper, "Detecting Modernism in Interwar Japanese Literature," for the World Modernisms Seminar at the annual conference of the Modernist Studies Association held in October in Madison, Wisconsin. The MSA conferences draw more than 500 participants from various parts of the world. Her article, "Merican-Jap and Modernity: Tani Jôji’s Popular Negotiation of the Foreign," has appeared in Japan from Somewhere Else: The Proceedings of the Association for Japanese Literary Studies, West Lafayette: AJLS, Purdue University, Autumn 2002. More ...
John C. Adams
Adams Speaks at Symposia
Visiting Professor of Rhetoric and Communication John C. Adams gave a talk, "Epideictic rhetoric and its cultured reception: In memory of the firefighters," at the Symposia on the Rhetoric of Display, department of communication, University of New Hampshire. More ...
Bass Reviews Arthur Levitt Book for New York Times
Thomas Bass, visiting professor of American Studies, wrote a review of former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt's new book, Take on the Street, What Wall Street and Corporate America Don't Want You to Know: What You Can Do to Fight Back, for the New York Times (11/24/02). More ...
Professor of History Thomas Wilson
Wilson Discussant for America Academy of Religions
Asian Studies Chair and Professor of History Thomas A. Wilson was a discussant for a panel at the annual meeting of the America Academy of Religions in Toronto on Nov. 24. The panel was titled "Innovation and Transmission in Confucian Traditions." More ...
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