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On the Cutting Edge in Geoscience
Barbara Tewksbury, the Stephen Harper Kirner Professor of Geology, headed a workshop for professors of undergraduate geoscience from July 28 to August 3 on the Hamilton campus. The workshop is part of the program “On the Cutting Edge: Workshops for Geoscience Faculty,” supported by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers and DLESE, with funding provided by a $4.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation. Hamilton has been awarded more than $70,000 from the grant for 2002, and will receive additional funding each year for the next five years. More ...
Carter Speaks at Symposium in Sicily
Professor of Art Rand Carter spoke at a Friends of Schinkel international symposium in Siracusa, Sicily, in June. Co-sponsored by the faculty of architecture of the University of Catania, the conference was titled "From the Italian Vernacular Villa to Schinkel to the Modern House." Carter's presentation was titled "Schinkel as Traveller." More ...
Some young soccer players practice their skills during a session at Hamilton College.
All American Soccer Camp at Hamilton
Hamilton College soccer coach Perry Nizzi is hosting the annual All American Soccer Camp this week on campus. More than 200 girls and boys from all over the Northeast are spending their days doing skills and drills, playing World Cup and competing in full games each evening.For information on next year's camp, contact Perry Nizzi at 315-859-4756, or via e-mail, pnizzi@hamilton.edu. More ...
Stevens Interviewed About Homeschooling for National Magazine
Associate Professor of Sociology Mitchell Stevens was interviewed for a feature article about homeschooling families in the August 2002 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. Stevens, author of Kingdom of Children: Culture and Controversy in the Homeschooling Movement (2001) says, "Homeschooling provides intimate, individualized attention by an instructor who knows the child better than anyone else.These aren't fancy, fashionable ideas. This movement is built around things we all know work, but that we don't all do." More ...
Daniel Heyman '03 tests new postulate for Special Relativity
Daniel Heyman, '03, Works to Correct Einstein’s Errors
Daniel Heyman ’03 is working with Assistant Professor of Physics Seth Major on Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity. New discoveries have had physicists believing that an aspect of Einstein’s famous theory must be flawed, and Heyman has begun a quest to discover if adding a third postulate to the theory might be the solution. Major believes that including a third condition to the existing two will correct the inconsistencies physicists have been finding in Einstein’s theory and are thus unable to sort out. Heyman, a physics and math major at Hamilton, approached Major about the possibility of working on theoretical physics research and has enjoyed the experience immensely. Having learned a lot of physics and encountered math he had never previously experienced, Heyman hopes to continue his research for his senior thesis. More ...
Rebekah Grome '05 and Lindsey Schantz '03 analyze data
Hamilton Psychology Researchers Study Cognitive Interference
Does a wandering mind impede your ability to complete a task on the Internet? Do negative, intrusive thoughts decrease your efficiency while working on the web? These are questions that a group of Hamilton College professors and students are trying to answer this summer. Rebekah Grome ’05 and Lindsey Schantz ’03 are collecting and analyzing data with Hamilton College Associate Professors of Psychology Penny Yee and Greg Pierce in their study of cognitive interference. Cognitive interference is the types of thoughts people have when completing a task. More ...
Subramaniam consults with Allport and Butts on their research
Students and Subramaniam Study Diabetes
Julianna Allport ’05 and Christopher Butts ’04 are working with Assistant Professor of Chemistry Ram Subramaniam on a project that is seeking new means of treating diabetes. The students are exploring how sugars in the blood modify proteins and looking for possible drugs that could medicate diabetes in new, more effective ways. More ...
Hamilton Fellowship Recipients Will Travel the World
Thirteen recent Hamilton graduates and undergraduates are packing their bags to begin travel around the world as the recipients of prestigious and competitive national fellowships. Among the fellowships awarded were the J. William Fulbright Scholarship, Goldwater Scholarship, NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship and Watson Fellowship. More ...
Shields Organizes MERCURY Conference
Professor of Chemistry George Shields hosted the 1st MERCURY Conference in Computational Chemistry (http://mars.chem.hamilton.edu/conference/) at Hamilton College. This national conference featured seven talks by invited speakers and 28 poster presentations by undergraduates, and was organized by Shields and Jennifer Sturm, system administrator and research support specialist.  Each undergraduate had two minutes to advertise his or her work in front of the entire audience of 70 attendees, followed by a two-hour period where they explained their work in more detail at the poster session.  Shields and Dreyfus Postdoctoral Fellow Steve Feldgus had 13 of their summer research students present the results of their collaborative research projects at the conference: 
  • Amber Gillis '06 and Becky Shepherd '06, "Energetics of the Hydrogen Atom Abstraction by Diradicals;"
  • JunChan Hong '05, "Conformational Analysis and Docking Studies on Phosphatase Cdc25B Inhibitors;" 
  • Christy House '06 and Meghan Dunn, "pKa Calculations on Amino Acids;"  David Kelland '05, "Substituent Effects on Hydrogen Atom Abstraction by Diradicals;" 
  • Katrina Lexa '05,  "Conformational Analysis of the alpha-fetoprotein Active Site;"
  • Matthew Liptak '03,  "Absolute pKa Determinations for Protonated Nitrogen Compounds;"  
  • Abby Markeson '04, "Investigating the Stereoselectivity of Radical Additions" (joint computational/synthetic project with the synthetic part supervised by Ian Rosenstein, associate professor of chemistry;)
  • Brent Matteson '04, "Conformational Analysis for Absolute pKa Determinations of Amino Acids;" 
  • Emma Pokon '04, "Hydrogen Bonded Clusters;" 
  • Chantelle Rein '03, "The Enediyne Anticancer Antibiotics: A Study of the Bergman Cyclization Barriers of Experamicin A1 using the ONIOM Hybrid Method;" and
  • Sarah Taylor '03, "Computational Approaches to Anti-cancer Drug Design."
More ...
Fletcher Malcom '03 searches algae for a cure
Students Look for Anti-Cancer Compounds in Algae
Fletcher Malcom and Jennifer McGuire, both members of the class of 2003, are working with Silas D. Childs Professor of Chemistry Robin Kinnel trying to find anti-cancer compounds in algae that may have future pharmaceutical use. Malcom and McGuire, both chemistry majors, have enjoyed the opportunity to do serious research prior to their senior thesis’ projects, which will be completed in the upcoming academic year. More ...
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