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The cast and crew of
"Slightly Motivated" on Hamilton Campus
"Slightly Motivated," an indie film written by Hamilton alumnus Peter Muggleworth '01, is being shot this week on the Hamilton campus. The Continentals' softball field is serving as the backdrop of a little league baseball game, which features a number of local children as team members. Muggleworth, a foreign language/political science major while at Hamilton, spent the last year writing "Slightly Motivated," which takes a wry look at the life of three recent college graduates. Hamilton alumnus Neil Basu '01 is cast in the film as Doug, one of the graduates. After shooting additional scenes at the Clinton Cinema, the crew will return to their home in Boston to complete filming. A premiere will be held in Clinton when the film is completed. More ...
Emerson Gallery Announces Interim Director
Hamilton College graduate David Nathans, a leader in organizing the "Hamilton Collects" exhibition series and a strong proponent of the visual arts at Hamilton, has been selected as interim director of the Emerson Gallery for the 2002-2003 academic year. Nathans brings to this role an impressive educational background in business and the arts coupled with significant professional experience in the museum world. More ...
Jamie Abaied '04 and Ellen Jamison '04 videotape children
Hamilton Students Study Affective Social Competence
Some young children are better than others at making friends. Child psychologists are working toward determining what skills more socially adept children possess, and what can be done to help children who are having a difficult time building friendships. Assistant Professor of Psychology Julie Dunsmore, Jamie Abaied '04, Liz Casey '03 and Ellen Jamison '04 collected and analyzed data this summer in efforts to answer these questions. More ...
Dean of Admission Letter to Editor Appears in The Wall Street Journal
A letter to the editor by Richard Fuller, Hamilton dean of admission and financial aid, was published in The Wall Street Journal Aug. 5, 2002. Fuller wrote to add support to a WSJ article about the need for high school guidance counselors. "A great many of our youth will never know the opportunities that exist for them in higher education because they either don't know they exist or they don't know how to get there," Fuller wrote. He noted that Hamilton College participates in the Higher Education Opportunity program that provides academic, social and financial assistance to disadvantaged students. "But even these efforts require there to be someone in the guidance office for a prospective student to interface with...someone to tell the students and their parents they can go to college and it can be affordable." More ...
Monk Rowe Presents Talks
Director of the Hamilton College Jazz Archive Monk Rowe, presented talks to students at Sauquoit Elementary School in June and to teachers in the Utica Arts and Education Institute in July. The subject of the talks was the jazz photos of the late great bassist Milt Hilton. Mr. Hilton’s gifts of photos to the college were used. More ...
Richard Bernstein '80 Interviewed for New York Times Article on Interest Rates
Richard Bernstein, a 1980 graduate of Hamilton College, and chief U.S. strategist at Merrill Lynch,was interviewed for a New York Times article about Federal Reserve rate increases. "'Either you get big gains in earnings growth and the Fed is tightening, or you get mediocre gains in earnings and the Fed is on hold,' Mr. Bernstein said. The correlation between higher interest rates and earnings growth has exceeded 80 percent during the years Alan Greenspan has been chairman of the Federal Reserve, he added." More ...
Reynolds Presents at Conference
Associate Professor of Biology Patrick Reynolds is presenting a paper at the annual meeting of the American Malacological Society held in Charleston, South Carolina, Aug. 3-7. His paper is titled "Multidisciplinary Approaches to Molluscan Phylogeny." Reynolds has been studying coastal fauna at the National University of Ireland in Galway, and was recently published in Advances in Marine Biology. More ...
Crandall '04, Leonard '03, Hodzic '05 (back row), Callahan '04 and Professor Brewer (front)
Chemistry and Physics Departments Work with Sol-Gels
Hamilton students Jessica Callahan ’04, Laura Crandall ’04, Emin Hodzic ’05, and Daniel Leonard ’03, have been spending the summer doing research with Associate Professor of Chemistry Karen Brewer. Their research has been done in conjunction with fellow classmates Daniel Allen ’04 and Stephanie Higgins ’04, who are working with Associate Professor of Physics Ann Silversmith. Brewer and her students have been making sol-gel glass, which is glass that is made from slowly grown chemicals infused with rare earth elements, as opposed to the more commonly created glass from sand. While the process is much longer (each sol-gel takes about three to four weeks to complete), it is believed that the optical quality of the glass made from chemicals is greatly enhanced. The correlation between the two groups is that sol-gels, when infused with rare earth elements, will glow under a laser light. Allen and Higgins have been running lasers through sol-gels created by Brewer and her students to discover aspects of “solid state physics.” More ...
Frechette Authors Book on Tibetan Migrants
Luce Junior Professor of Asian Studies Ann Frechette has authored Tibetans in Nepal, The Dynamics of International Assistance among a Community in Exile (Berghahn Books, 2002). The book explores the influence of foreign aid organizations on the lives of Tibetan refugees in Nepal. More ...
Back to the Classroom
Hamilton faculty members are going back to the classroom, not as teachers but as students. In a two-day workshop, faculty were introduced not only to cutting-edge technology available but also to the latest research in teaching and learning and how to incorporate oral presentations into the classroom. This overview will aid them in developing and teaching the new sophomore seminars, which will be introduced this fall. More ...
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