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Humanities Forum to Feature Cheryl Morgan
Associate Professor of French Cheryl Morgan will be the next speaker in the Humanities Forum series, on Monday, April 15, at 4:10 p.m. in the Red Pit. Her topic is titled "Impromptu, or What's Wrong With This Picture, Thinking about French Women Writers and Humor." More ...
Jonathan Overpeck Predicts Major Climate Changes
Will global warming have any real effect on me? Jonathan Overpeck from the University of Arizona addressed this question in his keynote speech, which concluded the Antarctic Peninsula Conference on April 5. The response was an overwhelming "yes," regardless of where you live. More ...
Fortune Magazine Editor Presented Provocative Lecture
How much the Enron's collapse has affected our collective psyche was evident in the turnout for this week's presentation by Fortune Magazine's senior editor Joe Nocera titled "The Enron Collapse and Why It Could Be Good For Us." Speaking to a capacity crowd in the college's chapel, Nocera related the story of how Fortune Magazine's Bethany McLean first saw through the Enron financials, wrote an article in March 2001 exposing the company's grave weaknesses and held firm with Enron executives when they met with her prior to the publication of Fortune's "Is Enron Overpriced?" More ...
Jonathan Overpeck '79, director, Institute for the Study of Planet Earth, University of Arizona
Overpeck Warns of Global Warming at Antarctica Conference
In his keynote address at the NSF-funded "Antarctic Peninsula Climate Variability" conference, Jonathan Overpeck, a Hamilton graduate and a climate researcher at the University of Arizona, says new computer simulations suggest that global warming this century will be about four times greater than what the planet experienced in the 1900s. More ...
Goldberg Participates in Association of Asian Studies Panel
Art History Professor Steve Goldberg discussed Chinese political scientists and historians as a member of a panel addressing "Chinese Historians in the United States: Dilemmas of Reform in 21st Century China.” The panel was held in April at the 2002 annual meeting of the Association of Asian Studies in Washington, D.C. More ...
Winslow Homer's How Many Eggs?
Emerson Gallery Hosts "Hamilton Collects American Art"
A collection of 62 paintings by well-known American artists, most of which have rarely, if ever, been seen in public, opened on April 19 at the Emerson Gallery. As part of the anniversary celebration, former Metropolitan Museum of Art Director Thomas Hoving delivered a keynote address at Hamilton College on Saturday, April 27, at 3 p.m. More ...
Cheng Li Named Wilson Fellow
Hamilton College Professor of Government Cheng Li, one of the nation’s foremost authorities on Chinese leadership, has been named a Woodrow Wilson Fellow for the 2002-03 academic year. Li will spend his fellowship year in Washington studying Chinese leadership changes and the implications for U.S.-China relations. More ...
D. Roger Howlett Award for Writing on Art
The Emerson Gallery at Hamilton College announces the D. Roger Howlett '66 Award for Writing on Art, "A Response to Art." This special award celebrates the Emerson Gallery's 20th Anniversary and is being held in conjunction with the gallery's Hamilton Collects American Art exhibition, April 19 through June 9. More ...
Penguins in Arctowski Bay, seen on Hamilton's recent research trip to Antarctica.
Are Penguin Populations Reliable Paleoclimatic Indicators?
Steve Emslie, associate professor of biological sciences at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, gave a lecture, “Penguin Colonies and Environmental Change in the Antarctic Peninsula Region” during the NSF Antarctic Peninsula Climate Variability Conference being held at Hamilton College. He focused on the changing location of penguin populations in relation to the migration of ice sheets, specifically in the Ross Sea. Emslie’s data, combined with other data from ice cores and snow pack studies may prove important to understanding the complex climate change occurring in the Southern Continent. More ...
Frechette Presents at Asian Studies Conference
Ann Frechette, Luce Junior Professor of Asian Studies and assistant professor of anthropology, presented a paper, "Poverty Reduction or Population Transfer: Competing Interpretations of a China-Tibet Resettlement Project," at the Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference in Washington, DC. The presentation was part of a panel on "Amdo-Gansu in China's Political Imaginaries." More ...
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