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Li Among Experts for New Journal
Professor of Government Cheng Li is one of the experts contributing to the Hoover Institution's newest cyberjournal, which focuses on tracking the latest developments in China's political leadership. The China Leadership Monitor, reports the Associated Press, is aimed at analyzing the major leadership transition expected to occur in China later this year. Cheng Li's first contribution is titled: "After Hu, Who?- China's Provincial Leaders Await Promotion." More ...
Phuong Nguyen
Teaching People About Each Other
What does it mean to be in the minority? How would you define the term "white privilege?" Although the opinions came from a diverse assortment of voices, one overriding theme prevailed — the desire to understand things from other perspectives. More ...
Kurt Mangold
Celebrating Winter With Fun
What happens when a student has the idea of organizing a campus winter carnival? A tradition is born — or in the case of FebFest, reborn. More ...
Empowering Communities
Keith Foster came to Hamilton with an interest in physics and philosophy. After taking a few sociology courses, he developed a passion for human rights. Now, just two years later, he’ll have the opportunity to take his ideas to the top as a participant at this fall's United Nations World Conference against Racism, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance to be held in Durban, South Africa. More ...
Brendan Ferretti
Gaining a Foot Hold in the World
Amanda Geib ’91 comes back to Hamilton each fall to recruit candidates for General Electric’s Financial Management Program. "I love Hamilton and GE and want the two to meet," said Amanda, manager of finance for GE Capital Card Services. This year she met Brendan Ferretti, whose résumé of accomplishments includes community service, working with a team of students who designed a Web site for college-age voters and serving as co-captain of the men’s basketball team. More ...
Chris Fogelstrom
Lining Up the Bands
As Campus Activities Board (CAB) concert coordinator, Chris Fogelstrom is the guy behind the scenes who lines up bands to perform at Hamilton. At other times he takes the stage himself, as a drummer for various campus groups. More ...
Lorena Hernandez
Searching For a Cure For Cancer
How can you build a single molecule — millions of times too small for the eye to see — without ever setting foot in a chemistry lab? "It's easier than you might think," says Lorena Hernandez. More ...
Justin Ginsberg
Bringing Excitement to the Air
As thousands of people poured into Hamilton's field house anxiously waiting for former President Jimmy Carter to arrive for a campus lecture, Justin Ginsberg was there, capturing the excitement on live radio. More ...
99 Questions

Jared Johnson spent last summer combing the streets of New York City armed with a video camera and this question: "What one question have you always wanted to ask a black person but never have?"  More ...

The Psychology of Runners
In the middle of Paris — just a short jog from the Eiffel Tower — something changed the way psychology major Maggie Hanson thought about runners. More ...
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