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HAVOC Giving Tree
HAVOC GivingTree
HAVOC is presenting its annual holiday event, The Giving Tree. Beginning December 3, there will be trees in both Cafe Opus and Beinecke. These trees will have ornaments, and each of these ornaments details a gift request from a needy family in the greater Utica area. (i.e. gloves and hat for a 6-year-old girl, or crayons and coloring books for an 8-year-old boy, etc.) Next to each of these trees will be a box for the gifts. Please wrap the gifts that you supply and also ATTACH THE ORNAMENT, so that we know what is inside and who to bring it to! The deadline for the gifts is December 11, so that we have adequate time to deliver the gifts. If you do take an ornament, please remember: that gift is now your responsibility. You may take as many or as few ornaments as you like, but if you take an ornament, please follow through with the gift. Contact kwilliam@hamilton.edu with questions. More ...
U.S.-China Relations
On Nov. 25, Cheng Li, professor of government, appeared as a featured guest on China Forum, a program on channel 46 in the Washington DC area. The half-hour interview focused on U.S.-China relations and China's entry into the WTO. More ...
Friday Think Tank Will Feature Luciano
The Nov. 30 Think Tank will feature English Professor Dana Luciano on the topic "Disaster, Public Grief, and Memorial." Think Tank will be held at noon in KJ 222. All are welcome. Luciano says,"My talk will outline some of the ways that we understand public grief. I will focus on trauma brought about by large-scale disaster (war, genocide, fire, bombing, natural disaster, etc) and will consider rituals and measures designed to cope with the emergence of a traumatized public. The discussion will highlight mourning rituals and modes of memorial that developed in the wake of the September 11th bombing of the World Trade Center." Bag lunches will be provided. (Please RSVP with your meal card number). More ...
Author, Activist Amber Hollibaugh to Visit Hamilton
Amber Hollibaugh, a political activist, essayist and award-winning filmmaker will visit Hamilton College on Nov. 28-30 for three events. All are free and open to the public. The events are sponsored by the Kirkland Project as part of its Body in Question series. More ...
Raybeck Quoted in USA Today
Professor of Anthropology Doug Raybeck was interviewed for a page one USA Today article about the popularity of war movies after the September 11 attacks. "Movies that reflect heroism and striving for a good cause...will do very nicely," Raybeck predicts. "Downers won't do well. People want to feel good," he says. More ...
Levitt Scholar Talk on Welfare Reform in Oneida County
Karen Pogonowski '02 will present her research, "Welfare Reform, the Working Poor and Planning for the Future in Oneida County," on Thursday, Nov. 29 at 4:15 p.m in the Kirner-Johnson auditorium. More ...
Raybeck's Predictions for Cinema Success
In a USA Today article discussing the success of war movies after the September 11 attacks, Hamilton College Professor of Anthropology Douglas Raybeck was consulted. Raybeck predicts "Movies that reflect heroism and striving for a good cause, like Saving Private Ryan, will do very nicely." Raybeck goes on to suggest, "Movies with ambiguity, moral and otherwise, will not do nearly as well." On the whole, Raybeck feels that "Downers won't do well. People want to feel good." More ...
Norman Thomas Marshall as John Brown
Trumpet of Freedom: The Saga of John Brown
Radical abolitionist John Brown comes alive again on Nov. 29 at 7:30 p.m. in the Chapel. A prophet for racial justice, and organizer of the 1859 raid on the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia, which led to his execution and fed the fires of rising tension between the North and South, John Brown is resurrected by the veteran actor, Norman Thomas Marshall. Marshall does a one-man performance, “Trumpet of Freedom: The Saga of John Brown.” More ...
Tim Whitehead '85 Named Hockey Coach
Tim Whitehead, a 1985 graduate of Hamilton College, has been named head hockey coach at the University of Maine. More ...
Blood Drive on Wednesday
The Inter Society Council is sponsoring a blood drive on Wednesday, Nov. 28 , from 12-5 p.m. in the Annex. Every donor will receive a free Red Cross t-shirt. Sign up on Tuesday in Beinecke, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., or e-mail ebuckley. More ...
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