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Julianne Tylko '10
Julianne Tylko '10 Volunteers with Chicago Youth

This August, Julianne Tylko '10 began a year of service in Chicago with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC).  More ...

Doug Lemov '90 with students in Susan Mason's Ethnography of Learning Environments class.
Doug Lemov '90 Tells How to Build a Better Teacher
Doug Lemov '90 visited campus on Oct. 4 to speak to several of Susan Mason's education classes and give a public lecture. Lemov, who graduated from Hamilton with plans of becoming a teacher, taught for several years at a public high school in Princeton, N.J., before deciding that he wanted to be involved in education at the highest level. More ...
John Sundman '74 Discusses Self-Publishing

Jane Friedman of Writer’s Digest has interviewed John Sundman '74 about the challenges of self-publishing for her blog There Are No Rules. Sundman is the author of Acts of the Apostles, Cheap Complex Devices, and The Pains and is developing his fourth novel, Creation Science.  More ...

Rhett Butler '84 Talks Hardware
Rhett Butler '84, owner of the hardware manufacturer E. R. Butler & Co., was interviewed for the Home and Garden section of the New York Times.  More ...
Julianne Jaquith '08 Receives Fulbright Award
Julianne Jaquith '08 has been awarded a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship to Venezuela. She will spend the 2010-2011 academic year in Mérida, Venezuela, helping to improve students’ English language skills while learning more about her host country. More ...
Matt Kahn '88 speaks in the Chapel.
Matthew Kahn ’88 Discusses His Book, Climatopolis
 Matthew Kahn ’88 spoke to the Hamilton community about his latest book, Climatopolis on Sept. 21. His book offers an unusual approach to dealing with climate change: because little is currently being done to stop climate change, the world should switch its focus on adapting to the changes that have already been created and show no sign of slowing down. More ...
Dr. James Cobey '65 talks with Elizabeth Parker-Magyar '12.
Nobel Winner Dr. James Cobey '65 Discusses Landmine Ban
Dr. James Cobey ’65 presented a lecture on ‘‘The International Campaign to End Landmines’’ on Sept. 16 in the Fillius Events Barn as part of the Levitt Center Security, Sustainability, Equality Inequality Series. Cobey, who shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997, lectured about the efforts he and others have made in pushing for the eradication of landmines across the world. More ...
Professor Naomi Guttman and Max Wall '10.
Guttman and Wall '10 Present Paper at Oxford
Professor of English and Creative Writing Naomi Guttman and Watson Fellow Max Wall '10 presented a paper at the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, held at St. Catherine's College, Oxford University, in July. The theme for 2010 was "Cured, Fermented and Smoked Foods," and the paper "Sausage-in-Oil: Preserving Italian Culture in Utica, New York" discussed the continued cultural significance among Italian-Americans of making dry-cured sausages in the home to share with family and friends. More ...
Adam Vorcheimer '11, K. Blake Darcy '78 and Anne Vilsoet '11.
Darcy '78 Paves Way to World of Investing for Hamilton Interns
The world of investing is notoriously competitive, often characterized as a dog-eat-dog, cutthroat scramble to the top. But Hamilton trustee K. Blake Darcy ’78 has shown that companies work better when alliances are strong; he has hired two Hamilton students, Adam Vorchheimer ’11 and Anne Vilsoet ’11, as interns at his growing investment firm Formula Investing. More ...
Megan Brousseau '08
Megan Brousseau '08 Receives Teach for America Award
Megan Brousseau '08 recently received Teach for America's Sue Lehmann award for excellence in teaching high school science. Brousseau teaches 9th grade biology at the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics in New York City. More ...
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