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Samuel Pellman
Video/Digital Work by Samuel Pellman and Lauren Koss '00 to be Presented at Cologne Festival
"Vaporis congeries magnae," a video/digital music collaboration by Professor of Music Samuel Pellman and Lauren Koss '00 has been selected for presentation by the Cologne Online Film Festival. The festival, which opens on October 13, features an international group of artists whose works explore the relationships between sound and video and how they each use the dimension of time. See link below for more information about the festival and the Pellman/Koss work. More ...
Brian Sweeney '06 Presents Paper at Classical Association of the Atlantic States Meeting
Brian Sweeney ’06 presented a paper at a meeting of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States (CAAS) on Euripides’ Medea and the movie "Kill Bill." Sweeney originally did the paper for Professor of Classics Barbara Gold’s Greek class last year. Gold and Carl Rubino, Edward North Professor of Classics and president of the CAAS, attended the meeting. Sweeney is currently pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Chicago. More ...
Jordan Shedlock '06 Publishes Russian Poem in Journal
Jordan Shedlock '06 published a poem titled "Narkomu Pakhomovu," in the journal The Birch: A Journal of Eastern European and Eurasian Culture (Spring 2006, p. 26), a publication of Columbia University. The poem was dedicated to a cruise liner named after a People's Commissar of the 1920s. Shedlock's was one of the only works published in Russian.  The poem was inspired during his 04-05 year in Russia, when he studied on the Bard College/Smolny Academic Year Program in St. Petersburg. Shedlock finished his degree in Russian Studies (with honors) last spring. More ...
Study by Edward Deci '64 Cited in USA Today Editorial About Good Deeds
The results of a study by Edward Deci ’64, a psychologist at the University of Rochester, were summarized in a September 5 USA Today editorial titled “A damaging lesson for college-bound kids: Good deeds require a payoff.” The editorial is about teenagers working on community service projects for the sole purpose of adding it to their college applications. Deci’s study “investigated ‘What happens when you pay people for an activity they enjoy?’   More ...
Fallcoming '06 Held October 13 - 14
Hamilton's annual Fallcoming Weekend will be highlighted by the dedication of the Charlean and Wayland Blood Fitness and Dance Center and the Little Squash Center. Athletic naming donors will gather on Thursday evening, and the weekend begins in earnest on Friday with Alumni Association and Trustee programming. Fallcoming is a traditional time for alumni to reconnect with classmates and friends in our beautiful autumn campus environment. More ...
Alexander Hamilton
"The Many Faces of Alexander Hamilton" Draws 300 to New-York Historical Society

About 300 Hamilton alumni and guests attended a New-York Historical Society event featuring historian Richard Brookhiser, Douglas Ambrose, the Sidney Wertimer Associate Professor of History, and Associate Professor of Government Robert Martin on September 26.  “The Many Faces of Alexander Hamilton,” took place at the Historical Society’s Manhattan building and was co-hosted by New York University Press. It was part of the New-York Historical Society Series "History and Current Affairs."   More ...

John Hewko '79
John Hewko '79 Addresses U.N. on Social and Economic Development of Least Developed Countries
John Hewko '79, vice president of operations for the Millennium Challenge Corporation, addressed the United Nations on Sept. 18. He spoke at a meeting about social and economic development of least developed countries. Hewko said, "In Monterrey, President Bush announced a path-breaking program, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, or MCC. The MCC’s single focus is to provide support to those poor countries which are indeed taking steps to invest in their own people, to promote economic freedom and opportunity, and to encourage accountable and inclusive governance, where individual rights and free expression are respected.

MCC’s mandate is to reduce poverty through sustainable growth. We work with partners whose own performance makes reaching that goal a real possibility. The MCC is already engaged with 23 countries whose policy performance, measured by independent, objective indicators, has made them eligible for MCC funds. Among them are 12 Least Developed Countries."
More ...
Kevin Maynard ’88 Writes for Showtime Series
Kevin Maynard, a member of the Class of 1988, is a lead writer on “Dexter”, a critically acclaimed new series on Showtime about a charismatic serial killer. The show premiers on Sunday, October 1 at 10 p.m. "Dexter" web link on the Showtime site:
More ...
Rebecca Heald '85
Rebecca Heald '85 to Receive National Institutes of Health Pioneer Award
Rebecca Heald '85, a University of California, Berkeley, cell biologist is one of 13
researchers selected this week to receive the 2006 Pioneer Award from the
National Institutes of Health (NIH). The annual award, totaling $2.5 million over five years, is designed to fund "high risk" research with potentially high payoff for human health. 
More ...
Leide Cabral '10
Leide Cabral '10 Contributes Chapter To Book The Case for Twenty-First Century Learning
Leide Cabral '10 contributed a chapter to a new book New Directions for Youth Development: The Case for Twenty-First Century Learning (Jossey-Bass). Cabral wrote about her experiences in the Citizen School program in Boston, which is headed by John Werner '92. Citizen Schools is an after-school program that focuses on hands-on learning apprenticeships and homework help. Cabral, who came to the U.S. from Cape Verde when she was four, wrote: "Before I was able to develop and expand my confidence, thinking and ability at Citizen Schools, I was an underachieving student with unrealized potential -- a common problem plaguing students, schools and families across America." Cabral went on to graduate from Boston Latin School and received a Posse Scholarship to Hamilton. More ...
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