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Glossophilia: The Love of Public Speaking

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, affects approximately three-quarters of the population1.  Nevertheless, the Oral Communication Center’s eighth annual Public Speaking Competition draws students from all class years, disciplines and extracurriculars. Even if you aren’t glossophobic, you might still get a little nervous before speaking to crowds. Some of Hamilton’s former winners and current participants generously reveal their tactics and motivations for competing.  More ...

Jim Helmer
Helmer Coaches Management Team for Presentation

Jim Helmer, Oral Communication Center director, recently spent a week in Boston working with a nine-member management team from Keolis Commuter Services in preparation for a major oral presentation to the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA).  More ...

Jim Helmer
Helmer Publishes Book Chapter, Discusses Commencement Speakers

Jim Helmer, Oral Communications Center coordinator, recently published a chapter in The Cambridge Companion to Horseracing and was interviewed for a Baltimore Sun article about commencement speakers  More ...