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Joan Hinde Stewart
President Stewart to Attend White House Summit on Thursday

Hamilton College President Joan Hinde Stewart has been invited and will attend an all-day summit on Thursday, Jan. 16, hosted by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in Washington.  More ...

Huffington Post Publishes Stewart Essay on Diderot

In an essay on Huffington Post titled “The Godfather of All Encyclopedias,” President Joan Hinde Stewart wrote about “one of the greatest of the Enlightenment philosophers, Denis Diderot,” and the “dazzlingly original series of works that range in their subject matter from religion to science and morality” that are his legacy.  More ...

President Joan Hinde Stewart
President Stewart Participates in Wellesley Round Table

Hamilton President Joan Hinde Stewart participated in a round table, “Women and Literary Tradition: Breaking the Sequence,” in honor of Wellesley College Professor of French Vicki Mistacco’s retirement. The April 30 event was hosted by La Maison Française of Wellesley College.  More ...

President Joan Hinde Stewart
Stewart Appointed to Council on Library and Information Resources Committee

The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) and Vanderbilt University have established a committee to examine emerging national-scale digital projects and their potential to help transform higher education in terms of scholarly productivity, teaching, cost-efficiency and sustainability.  President Joan Hinde Stewart has been appointed to this group, the Committee on Coherence at Scale for Higher Education, which comprises college and university presidents and provosts, deans, university librarians and association heads.  More ...

President Joan Hinde Stewart
InsideHigherEd Publishes Stewart Essay on Change

In an  essay in InsideHigherEd titled “Change,” President Joan Hinde Stewart began with a reference to the recent leadership upheaval at the University of Virginia.  Published on August 16, the article  addressed how college presidents might consider their decision-making processes in making institutional changes.  Stewart included advice she offered in an invited presentation at the Mellon Foundation to new college presidents. She suggested to her new colleagues that they should first “identify those things that they would not alter.”  More ...

President Joan Hinde Stewart
Huffington Post Publishes Second Stewart Essay

Opening with a discussion of Mr. Rogers' metaphor of the mind as a garden and lyrics from one of his songs on the importance of curiosity, President Joan Hinde Stewart addressed the purpose of education in her most recent Huffington Post blog. In “Minds and Gardens,” posted on Aug. 8, Stewart wrote, “Those who see the value of college in the amount of money a graduate earns miss a fundamental point: The purpose of an education is not simply to make a better living but, by enlivening the mind, to make a life worth living.  More ...

President Joan Hinde Stewart
Huffington Post Publishes Stewart Essay

In an essay titled “What Would Jean Valjean Do?” and published on the Huffington Post, President Joan Hinde Stewart discussed “the transforming potential of individual example and community action” and “the redeeming value of great models, whether literary or historical.” Stewart employed Victor Hugo's Les Misérables and the author’s protagonist, Jean Valjean, as examples to illustrate these themes and to demonstrate how literary works from centuries past have relevance in today’s society.  More ...

President Joan Hinde Stewart
Town of Kirkland to Present Bicentennial Proclamation to President Stewart

On Wednesday, May 30, Robert Meelan, supervisor of the Town of Kirkland,  will present President Joan Hinde Stewart with a proclamation from the town in honor of the college’s 200th anniversary of the May 1812 signing of the charter by Regents of the University of the State of New York. The presentation will be made at the town meeting.  More ...

L-R: Clinton Mayor Gill Goering, President Joan Stewart and Clinton Fire Chief Mark Young
Ladder Truck Demonstration Caps Gift Ceremony
Clinton Mayor Robert G. (Gill) Goering and members of the Clinton Fire Department brought the department’s new $1 million ladder truck to the Hamilton College campus on Tuesday, June 8. Clinton Fire Chief Mark Young presented President Joan Stewart with a personalized fire helmet in a small ceremony. After the presentation, Stewart and members of her office staff were hoisted above the library roof via the new ladder in a demonstration of the truck’s 100-foot ladder’s reach. More ...
President Joan Hinde Stewart and Philip Stewart with students at Reid Hall in Paris.
Stewarts Visit Hamilton Students in France Program
Hamilton President Joan Hinde Stewart and Philip Stewart visited the Hamilton College Junior Year in France Program in Paris, France, on a mild spring evening on March 18. They shared their memories of study abroad in France with Resident Director Cheryl Morgan and students currently studying with the Hamilton program. More ...
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