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John Dunn '10 and Hamilton rugby alum Rezaan Daniels '07.
Rugby: Sport or Means of Political Reconciliation?
Who knew sports could be so academic? John Dunn ’10 did. This summer, he studied the political and social symbolism of rugby in post-apartheid South Africa. He believes that rugby has served as a means of political reconciliation in recent years through conflict resolution and racial integration. Dunn wanted to investigate the legitimacy of the African National Congress’s claim that rugby is an emblem for national unity. His project was funded through the Levitt Research Fellows Program, which is open to students who wish to collaborate with faculty members on intensive research projects related to public affairs. Dunn’s advisor for the summer was Associate Professor of History Kevin Grant. More ...
Linda Di Bernardo '10
Linda Di Bernardo ’10 Nails Down Internship in Set Design
“The only thing I ever enjoyed enough to see myself doing long term was being creative, which is why I became an art major,” said Linda Di Bernardo ’10. But it wasn’t until she watched Lord of the Rings for the first time that her interest in set design began to develop. Di Bernardo appreciated the clash of armor and attention to detail on every sword and garment, and knew that she wanted to contribute to such elaborate sets. “I remember when I was little I wanted to be an actress, which didn't work out for me since I get stage fright pretty easily,” she laughed. “Working on sets keeps me in that same kind of exciting environment while doing something I love.” More ...
Billy Wieczorek '11
Billy Wieczorek ‘11 Evaluates Piscidin-3’s Ability to Fight Infection
Piscidins are potent biological substances. Classified as antimicrobial peptides, they naturally fight off infection in organisms like the hybrid striped bass, among others. There are four members of the family of piscidins that Billy Wieczorek ’11 is studying this summer. Piscidin-1 has been the subject of myriad other studies, and although it has many antimicrobial properties, it can be harmful to human blood cells because it cannot differentiate between bacterial and mammalian cells. More ...
Danielle Burby '12
Unpaid Internship Evolves Into Editing Position for Danielle Burby ’12
Danielle Burby ’12 knows that the editor always has the final say. So when she secured an internship at Square One Publishers for the summer, she did not expect to have much flexibility. For the most part, she assumed that she would be confined to marketing and minor, superfluous tasks. But during the first week, she took an editing test, and found that she had underestimated her power there – her supervisors loved her ability to tidy up almost any piece of prose and wanted to hire her to edit a book in need of revision. With the turn of a page, Burby’s unpaid internship spawned a paid opportunity. More ...
Clair Cassiello '11
Can the Eyes Reveal a Person's Prejudices?
When Clair Cassiello ’11 was younger, she wanted to work for the FBI. The psychological twists excited her – she liked that criminal investigators sometimes analyze how a person thinks as opposed to what crime he has actually committed. Although her ambitions have changed, she still is interested in the profound effect the mind has on actions. This summer, Cassiello is learning more about psychology through an eye-tracking bias project with Visiting Professor of Psychology Mark Oakes.
More ...
Rachel Rapoza '10
Internship at Human Rights Campaign Gives Rachel Rapoza ’10 View of Non-Profit World
As an out lesbian, Rachel Rapoza ’10 cares deeply about the Human Rights Campaign, which is the largest national civil rights organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people. It is a force of more than 750,000 members nationwide, serves to protect the rights of LGBT Americans, and works diligently to ensure that these members of society are embraced as passionate and genuine human beings with great capabilities and potential. HRC is involved in political outreach campaigns as well as non-political research that raise awareness of gay and lesbian issues. They serve a broad range of groups, from elementary schools to corporations nationwide. More ...
Sanjana Nafday '10
Sanjana Nafday ’10 Looks at Race and Class in Brooklyn Criminal Justice System
Having taken a class on research methods at Hamilton, Sanjana Nafday ’10 is well-versed in statistics. But when she heard that 50 percent of those arrested in the Kings County District of Brooklyn belonged to ethnic or racial minority groups, she didn’t need a hefty knowledge of numbers to understand that something was going on beneath the surface. The Bureau of Justice Statistics had reported that many of these individuals were from the lower economic strata or had poor educational background. To Nafday, there was an obvious hole in the study that she could not ignore. 

More ...
HEOP students with Masonic Care residents Anna Gordecki and Vera Wilson.
HEOP Students Engage in Community Service Volunteering
Hamilton College Opportunity Programs students got a taste of volunteer work when they participated in a statewide Opportunity Programs United Service Week in July. More ...
Corinne Bancroft '10, left, with representatives from other border justice groups.
Corinne Bancroft '10 Meets With Secretary of Interior
Corinne Bancroft ’10 represented No More Deaths in a small coalition of border justice organizations (also including Humane Borders and the Samaritans) that met with Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. For the past 10 years these organizations have provided humanitarian aid such as water, food, and medical assistance, to people crossing in response to the increased number of deaths in the border region. More ...
Clifford Robbins '10 and Sarah Bookbinder '10
Can We Control What We Remember?
Do we have control over what we remember? Sarah Bookbinder ’10 and Clifford Robbins ’10 are researching directed forgetting, a method for thought control in which participants are told to forget previously learned material. More ...
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