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Manique Talaia-Murray ’12 and Travis Tomaselli '11
Students Collect Sediments to Get to the Bottom of Oneida Lake Erosion
"I like rocks," said Manique Talaia-Murray '12 with a bashful grin. It might sound like a dull pursuit, but to Talaia-Murray and her research partner, Travis Tomaselli '11, rocks can uncover the past in interesting ways. They say that the chemical contents of a rock reveal a lot about its previous whereabouts, and their collaborative research project is a perfect example. More ...
Caroline Pierce '10 and Brian Milstone '10
Brian Milstone '10 and Caroline Pierce '10 Examine Self-Complexity
It's hard to imagine that a single human being occupies an enormous number of social spheres. Typically, a person who is relatively humble will feel that he assumes only a few roles in his immediate community. The degree to which a person can identify and differentiate his numerous roles and traits is called self-complexity. Brian Milstone '10 and Caroline Pierce '10 predict that low self-complexity yields low self-esteem, and could lead to a greater likelihood of depression.  More ...
Courtney Carroll '11 in the lab.
Courtney Carroll '11 Examining Neuropeptide Y's Role in Obesity
Obesity in the United States has become a major concern for obvious reasons. Courtney Carroll '11 is working this summer with Associate Professor of Chemistry Myriam Cotten to find out whether Neuropeptide Y has a direct effect on food intake and decreased physical activity. The amount of Neuropeptide Y lurking in the microscopic corners of a person's cells may have an impact on his or her diet. More ...
Kirkland College Summer Research Associates Begin Their Work
The Kirkland Endowment is sponsoring three students to do work this summer on women's issues. Selena Carríon '10 will be working with Associate Professor of Africana Studies Angel Nieves on South African female activists in the anti-apartheid movement. Robyn Gibson '10 is researching the black consciousness movement in South Africa, also working with Professor Nieves. Sushmita Preetha '11 will address NGO activism in Bangladesh, asking "at what cost?" She will work with Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's Studies Joyce Barry. More ...
Students will present their summer research at Family Weekend poster sessions.
Levitt Fellows and Faculty Get to Work On Collaborative Research
Sixteen Hamilton rising juniors and seniors will spend their summer conducting research as recipients of 2009 Levitt Fellowships. Each year the Levitt Center funds student-faculty research to enhance study around issues of public affairs. This summer's projects represent a wide array of topics as well as geographical locations, from Identity and Community on Martha's Vineyard to North Korean Human Rights. More ...
Katie Alser ’09, Gail Corneau ’10, Nicole L. Snyder, Lydia Rono ’11, Ben Van Arnam ‘09
Snyder and Students Present Research at American Chemical Society Meeting
Assistant Professor of Chemistry Nicole L. Snyder and Hamilton students Ben Van Arnam '09, Kathie Alser '09, Gail Corneau '10 and Lydia Rono '11 presented their research during the 237th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition held March 22 through March 26 in Salt Lake City. More ...
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