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Courtney Flint '11
Courtney Flint '11 Examines Relationships Between Continental Soldiers and Citizens
When Courtney Flint '11 was five years old, she learned what it was like to be a colonial American. Her aunt belonged to a group called Past Masters whose members dress in period clothing and resurrect the behavior, skills and lifestyles of Americans during the Revolutionary War era. Flint joined her aunt in these activities and watched the battle re-enactments that were often popular attractions. The raucous canon blasts and trim uniforms intrigued Flint, and as she grew older, she began to wonder about the relationship between the soldiers and the citizenry.  More ...
Elyse Williamson '10 and Barb Tewksbury.
Elyse Williamson '10 and Professor Tewksbury Explore Iceland's Volcanoes
During the last Ice Age, the whole country of Iceland was covered in a thick sheet of ice. From an aerial view, most of the island would have appeared to be in a state of frigid serenity. But under the ice, chaos ensued – massive volcanoes entombed in the ice erupted often, causing the overlying ice to melt. As the hot lava erupted into cold water, explosions occurred, depositing fragmented rock and glass with few lava flows. More ...
Sokhna Aminata Diop ’11
Sokhna Aminata Diop '11 Serves as UNESCO Intern in Paris
Sokhna Aminata Diop '11 says it feels unusual to wear a suit and United Nations badge every day. In fact, she never once thought she would get the summer internship that she did – working for the UN was only a dream. More ...
Manique Talaia-Murray ’12 and Travis Tomaselli '11
Students Collect Sediments to Get to the Bottom of Oneida Lake Erosion
"I like rocks," said Manique Talaia-Murray '12 with a bashful grin. It might sound like a dull pursuit, but to Talaia-Murray and her research partner, Travis Tomaselli '11, rocks can uncover the past in interesting ways. They say that the chemical contents of a rock reveal a lot about its previous whereabouts, and their collaborative research project is a perfect example. More ...
Caroline Pierce '10 and Brian Milstone '10
Brian Milstone '10 and Caroline Pierce '10 Examine Self-Complexity
It's hard to imagine that a single human being occupies an enormous number of social spheres. Typically, a person who is relatively humble will feel that he assumes only a few roles in his immediate community. The degree to which a person can identify and differentiate his numerous roles and traits is called self-complexity. Brian Milstone '10 and Caroline Pierce '10 predict that low self-complexity yields low self-esteem, and could lead to a greater likelihood of depression.  More ...
Jacob Kleinrock '11
Jacob Kleinrock '11 Explores Herban Living
Herban Living – an organic, community-based farm located in Temple, N.H. – is not like stereotypical farms in books or movies. Yes, it raises cows and pigs. But the community also lavishly celebrates the solstices. More ...
Eric Kuhn '09
Kuhn '09 Interviewed on WNBC
Recent Hamilton graduate Eric Kuhn took part in a discussion of the value of social networks in hunting for a job on a June 1 WNBC-TV (New York City) morning broadcast on "Today in New York." Kuhn is also one of four 2009 college graduates featured on the professional social networking site LinkedIn in a YouTube video that instructs students on how to effectively market themselves online. More ...
Judy Owens-Manley
Owens-Manley Presents with Students and Alumni at Bonner Institute
Judy Owens-Manley, director of the Bonner Leaders Program and Levitt Center associate director of community research; Jordan Fischetti '08 and Stephanie Wolter '07, both Hamilton graduates and AmeriCorps VISTA Service-Learning Coordinators at Hamilton; and Stefanie Russell '12, a Bonner Leader and Bonner Congress Representative presented two workshops at the Bonner Summer Leadership Institute on June 3-6. More ...
Matt Mancini '10
Matt Mancini '10 Teams Interest in Baseball and Communication for Internship
Matthew Mancini '10 believes in living for work, rather than working for a living. He says he learned the hard way that when it comes to choosing a career, voracious passion and bread-winning should not be at odds with each other. Although it may sound cliché, Mancini knows that doing what he loves to do is his best option. More ...
Courtney Carroll '11 in the lab.
Courtney Carroll '11 Examining Neuropeptide Y's Role in Obesity
Obesity in the United States has become a major concern for obvious reasons. Courtney Carroll '11 is working this summer with Associate Professor of Chemistry Myriam Cotten to find out whether Neuropeptide Y has a direct effect on food intake and decreased physical activity. The amount of Neuropeptide Y lurking in the microscopic corners of a person's cells may have an impact on his or her diet. More ...
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