Off-Campus Study

Worldview Photo Contest 2013

1st Place

Leah Berryhill '13

Rome, Italy

This picture was taken on the day it snowed for the first time in Rome in 36 years.  While all the Romans sought refuge in their apartments or fled the city in taxis, my friend and I decided to venture out into the snow. A light dusting was nothing compared to the blizzards at Hamilton. Just as we came out of the Metro and entered the Piazza del Popolo, the twin churches capped with snow were a sign of the unexpected beauty of winter. While the rest of my friends holed up in their rooms watching Youtube and sipping hot chocolate, we went on an adventure seeking to embrace a new Rome. The usual golden Mediterranean sun reflection off the orange stucco was replaced with softer tones of grey and white. I fell like my Roman snow romp is a great example of taking chances and experiencing something new. Even when the day doesn’t look promising, Rome has hidden treasures to offer if you are willing to take the chance. This picture just epitomizes my study abroad experience to get out of your comfort zone and let new experiences surprise you.