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Privately-Owned Homes on College-Controlled Land

In the early 1950s, Hamilton College established a program to make it possible for faculty and administrative staff to own homes surrounding the College campus. The College provides mortgage funding for the purchase and retains a repurchase option on the homes.

For additional information, please see the procedures document.

Questions regarding this program should be directed to Lucy Burke, Director of Procurement and Administrative Services, lburke@hamilton.edu. 315-859-4999.

College Rental Housing

The opportunity to occupy College rental housing is available to all faculty who have been employed by the College for seven years or less and staff who have been employed by the College for four years or less. College rental housing is provided as transitional housing for College faculty and staff. The longer eligibility period for faculty coordinates with the tenure process. 

Insurance Coverage for Personal Property

The College is not responsible for personal property lost, stolen, or damaged.   You assume ALL responsibility for any loss or damage to your personal property.  It is advisable to protect your personal belongings with a renter’s insurance policy.  Hamilton College encourages you to compare multiple options to find the best coverage and rates.  If you need additional information, please email adenny@hamilton.edu.

For additional details and information on the allocation procedure, please request a copy of the College Housing Regulations by contacting Lauri Swan, 315-859-4998, lswan@hamilton.edu.

On all matters relating to maintenance and repairs

General repair requests should be placed online via the work
order system on the Facilities Management website.

Work Control
at Facilities Management

For emergencies, including maintenance emergencies,
between 4:30 p.m. and 8:30 a.m., weekends and holidays

The Switchboard

On all matters relating to allocations, occupancy, related
charges and major improvements

Auxiliary Services

Telephone Service


Electric and/or Gas Service

National Grid 

For Heating Oil Delivery


Mohawk Valley Oil

Cable Television

Time Warner

Village Banks

NBT — 315-853-5501

First Niagara Bank - 315-853-6134

Access Federal Credit Union



Contact Information

Administrative Services

315-859-4271 315-859-4300 Our Staff
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