WebAdvisor provides important payroll information to employees online. Employees are responsible for entering their hours worked in WTE. Visit WebAdvisor to view or print pay advices, enter time, and view time history.

Entering Time

Time should be entered and electronically submitted to your supervisor no later than 4:30 p.m. on Monday following the end of the bi-weekly pay period.  You will submit a time sheet for each position, every pay period that you work. Supervisor approval is due by 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Enter time in/time out for each day worked (e.g. 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.). Click submit to save your time sheet. 

To add a row for a day, check the “Insert Line” box and click submit. If you work after midnight, enter time in two lines: Line 1, Day 1 up to midnight (time out = 12:00 a.m.); Line 2, Day 2 after midnight (time in = 12:00 a.m.).

Time sheets will not be processed without your electronic signature or supervisor’s approval.

Electronic Signature

Open your time sheet for the position and the pay period. Check the box to electronically sign your time sheet. Do not check this box until you have entered all of your time for the bi-weekly pay period. Click submit to save and submit your time sheet to your supervisor.

Time sheets will not be processed without your electronic signature or supervisor's approval.

Supervisor Approval

Click here for supervisor approval instructions.

Alternate Supervisor

If the supervisor is going to be out of the office during the approval period, he/she should designate an alternate supervisor who will approve time cards on their behalf and notify the Payroll Office so the designee can be set-up in WebAdvisor.  The alternate supervisor will not receive the automatic email when the students’ time card is ready for approval, so it is important that the alternate supervisor knows when he/she needs to approve time. 

Click here for Alternate Supervisor approval instructions.

Modifying or Rejecting a Time Sheet

To modify/reject a time sheet once it has been approved, the supervisor needs to check the Review Entry box for specific employee's time sheet only and click submit.  Do not uncheck the Approve box.  Once inside the time card, the supervisor can modify and re-approve the time sheet, change the decision to reject, etc.  Once finished, click submit.


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