Web Time Entry Instructions For Supervisors

  1. Go to WebAdvisor
  2. Click Login
  3. Type User ID and Password (same as your Hamilton username and password)
  4. Click on Employees
  5. Click on Time Approval (for supervisors):
    • Review the Total Hours for each student employee. Time should be entered in quarter hours only.
    • If the Review Entry box is not already checked, check the box that applies to the student employee(s) for the current pay period. You can check multiple student employees at once.
    • Click Submit.

      NOTE: If you check Approve and Submit from this screen, the time card will be submitted to Payroll without reviewing the detail entered by day.
  6. Approving Time Card:
    • Review the totals hours entered by day.
    • To review the student employee’s detail time in/time out, check the box next to “The employee has time in/out data. To review it, check the box”. Click Submit.
    • Review the time in/time out by day.
    • Verify “Employee has electronically signed the time entry as complete” is Yes.
    • Click on the Supervisor Decision drop down box at the bottom of the screen.
    • Choose Approve.
    • The approved time card will be automatically sent to the Payroll Office for processing.
    • The employee will receive an email when the time card is approved.
  7. Rejecting Time Card:
    • If you have found a problem in reviewing the time card, click on the Supervisor Decision drop down box.
    • Choose Reject.
    • Enter a comment as to the reason you are rejecting the time card. This is required.
    • The employee will receive an email explaining the reason why their time card was rejected.
    • The employee will need to login, correct their time, check the electronic signature box, and re-submit to their supervisor as soon as possible.
    • Once the time card is re-submitted, follow the Approving Time Card instructions above.
    • Unapproved Time Cards:
  8. Employee time cards will not be processed or paid without supervisor approval.
    • Please contact the Payroll Office at 315-859-4316 if you have any questions or are experiencing difficulties.


Jarren Waterman

Payroll Specialist

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