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Student Timesheet Approval Instructions

Web Time Entry Instructions For Supervisors

  1. Go to WebAdvisor - https://webadvisor.hamilton.edu
  2. Click Login
  3. Type User ID and Password (same as your Hamilton username and password)
  4. Click on Employees
  5. Click on Time Approval (for supervisors):
  • Review the Total Hours for each student employee. Time should be entered in quarter hours only.
  • If the Review Entry box is not already checked, check the box that applies to the student employee(s) for the current pay period. You can check multiple student employees at once.
  • Click Submit.

    NOTE: If you check Approve and Submit from this screen, the time card will be submitted to Payroll without reviewing the detail entered by day.
  1. Approving Time Card:
  • Review the totals hours entered by day.
  • To review the student employee’s detail time in/time out, check the box next to “The employee has time in/out data. To review it, check the box”. Click Submit.
  • Review the time in/time out by day.
  • Verify “Employee has electronically signed the time entry as complete” is Yes.
  • Click on the Supervisor Decision drop down box at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose Approve.
  • The approved time card will be automatically sent to the Payroll Office for processing.
  • The employee will receive an email when the time card is approved.
  1. Rejecting Time Card:
  • If you have found a problem in reviewing the time card, click on the Supervisor Decision drop down box.
  • Choose Reject.
  • Enter a comment as to the reason you are rejecting the time card. This is required.
  • The employee will receive an email explaining the reason why their time card was rejected.
  • The employee will need to login, correct their time, check the electronic signature box, and re-submit to their supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Once the time card is re-submitted, follow the Approving Time Card instructions above.
  1. Unapproved Time Cards:
  • Employee time cards will not be processed or paid without supervisor approval.

Please contact the Payroll Office at 315-859-4316 if you have any questions or are experiencing difficulties.

Contact Information

Jarren Waterman

Payroll Specialist
315-859-4316 315-859-4602 jwaterma@hamilton.edu
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