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Interreligious Roundtable Dinner Discussions

This one-semester program is designed to bring together a religiously diverse group of the first-year class to join in seven dinner conversations to experience coming together across spiritual differences.
Program Modified for Fall, 2020
Contact jmcarn@hamilton.edu for more info

Members of FYIR will learn from each other about traditions and spiritual practices other than their own, and will meet with various members of our Religious Studies faculty and chaplaincy and other members of our community who can help provide a context for discussions of religious diversity.

Application Form here:

Here are the qualities we’re looking for in first-year students who might apply for the FYIR program:

  • Interest in discussing questions of meaning across religious differences
  • Openness to learning about traditions and practices other than your own
  • Some knowledge about your own spiritual/ religious tradition

Your schedule would need to be open on Thursdays for dinner from 5 – 6:30 p.m. on the following dates:
The Connection between Food & Religion
What is Prayer & Meditation?
Understanding of Death & Afterlife
The Role of Sacred Texts
Central Experiences, Holidays & Practices

Open only to first-year students on campus in the fall semester.

Previous Participants
Ab Abenezer, Protestant Christian
Jane Bary, Jewish
Gabbie Beundia, Undecided
Jackie Bussgang, Jewish
Yassine Dahlek, Muslim
Christina Florakis, Orthodox Christian
Alex Hendry, Roman Catholic
Sarah Kane, Quaker
Phinix Knight-Jacks, Pentecostal Christian
Sanju Koirala, Hindu
Hannah Lasher, Christian Methodist
Madeleine Lepesant, Roman Catholic
Wynston Pennybacker, Undecided
Haley Tietz, Latter-Day Saints (Mormon)

Estella Brenneman '20
Jeff McArn, College Chaplain

Contact College Chaplain, Jeff McArn jmcarn@hamilton.edu for more information.


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