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Name: __________________________________

Religious Tradition with which you most closely identify



1.Describe your connection to the religious tradition listed above through your parents’ influence, or through a community of faith in which you grew up.


2. Give an example of how this connection (from question #1) has helped you understand what is at the heart of the meaning of life, or your ultimate concern.


3. Offer a brief spiritual autobiography and your sense of where you are on the journey to discover your current worldview.

4. Describe a situation where you encountered someone different from yourself and how you handled that situation.


Thank you for filling out this application.
Please email by Monday, Sept. 16, 2019: jmcarn@hamilton.edu
Chaplaincy Staff: Jeff McArn, College Chaplain & Protestant Ministries • Fr. John Croghan, Catholic Chaplain  • Anat Guez, Jewish Chaplain  • Estella Brenneman ’20, Senior Chapel Fellow

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