Utica Academy of Science Tutoring

The mission of the Young People’s Project is to use math literacy as a tool to develop young leaders and organizers who radically change the quality of education and life in their communities so that all children have the opportunity to reach their full human potential.

The Young People’s Project is an outgrowth of the Algebra Project, founded by Robert Moses (Hamilton College Class of 1956). There are many YPP sites nationwide although YPP@HC is the only college-based site.

Hamilton College students are trained to become college math literacy workers (CMLWs).  CMLWs develop and facilitate math literacy workshops to middle school students in the local area. These workshops include facilitations of activities and games dealing with mathematical concepts. The workshops cover a broad range of topics from coordinate planes to factoring.

Each tutor volunteers for 1 - 2 hours, 1-2 afternoon a week, for 6 or 7 weeks a semester.

A different group of CMLWs goes to outreach each day (Monday through Thursday).

At the end of the semester, the participating school students visit Hamilton for a semiannual math bash where they play games that are related to the concepts they have been learning all semester. The math bash includes a pizza party, an award ceremony and dance performances from Hamilton College student organizations.

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