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Faculty/Academic Affairs Travel Funding Authorization Form

This form should be completed in full and will then be sent to the Associate Dean of Faculty. Any expenses incurred that are not listed below must be explained at the time the expense statement is submitted and will be subject to approval by the Associate Dean. This form does not authorize actual payment of funds.

You can anticipate a review of this request within two weeks, although approval could take longer in some instances.

Please follow the guidelines for professional travel and research support located in The Red Book. Once funding is approved, a copy of this form will be returned to the faculty member.

* indicates required field
Your full Hamilton College email address
PURPOSE OF TRAVEL (please provide the full name of the conference/workshop/research site)
Transportation: To contact our contracted travel agency, Direct Travel, please visit or call the toll-free number 800-472-7447.
Item Amount $/Per Item Total
Air/Rail tickets and charges
Mileage (Enter number of Miles) $0.625
Meals - Number of days (7 days max.) $69.00
Registration Fee:
Other (parking, cab, etc.):
If costs change significantly before travel (>5%), re-approval is required.
I acknowledge that any amount charged to Hamilton College in excess of the sum approved is my responsibility and I agree to repay the College within 15 days of notice.


Office of the Dean of Faculty

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Buttrick Hall
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