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Faculty interested in sponsoring off-campus trips with students must receive approval from the DOF Office. Budgetary support from the DOF may be available, but only for trips that are tied to a credit-bearing course. If financial support is needed, faculty should contact the DOF Office with this form before integrating the trip into a course. The approval process ensures that faculty are fully informed on policies around issues such as transportation and risk management. Submission of this form initiates the approval process. The form should be completed in full. A copy of the form will be automatically forwarded to you and the Associate Dean of Faculty.

  • Approval must be sought whether or not
    • You are requesting funds from the DOF Office
    • You have funding from another office on campus
    • You don't need funding
  • Because coordinating details for field trips takes time to arrange, approval should be sought at least 3 weeks prior to the targeted trip date.
  • Faculty and students traveling off campus must be familiar with Hamilton's Title IX protocols.

Informing students: If a faculty member plans to incorporate a field trip, community engagement, or experiential learning component into a course that requires travel off campus, students must be informed ahead of time of any personal or financial responsibilities they will have for participating in those components. Students will be expected to share some portion of the expense for optional activities. They must also understand that they are expected to adhere to the College's standard Code of Conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook

The following information needs to be documented with the Dean of Faculty office prior to departure. Please email a single Excel spreadsheet to Janelle Perry ( with the following information:

  • Emergency contact information for students, faculty, and other employees on the field trip
  • Transportation arrangements
  • List of student and employee attendees

If you plan to use College-owned vans for transportation, expenses are based on mileage only. There is no separate van rental fee. Transportation expenses should follow Business Office policy on Mileage Allowance. Cost can be estimated by multiplying the number of roundtrip miles expected to be traveled by the current allowance per mile. College-owned vans can be reserved through 25 Live.
Your full Hamilton College email address
Trip Destination Type

You will need to make your own transportation arrangements for your proposed trip. There are several including a College van, personal vehicle, or Birnie Bus. The bus option is the most costly. An approved budget number is needed to reserve a van. Van use for academic purposes has priority, however, there is high demand for them so it is best to make reservations as soon as possible. Please review the policies around College van use in the following link:

Use of private vehicles is permissible with the usual mileage reimbursement. Please note that one's personal insurance applies in the case of any mishap. Policies on the use of personal vehicles can be found in the following link:

Budget Estimate

Item Amount

Funding from other sources

Source Amount Account Number


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