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Temporary Medical Conditions

We recognize that students with temporary health issues due to injuries, surgery or short-term medical conditions may need access to additional on-campus services and resources.

Examples of temporary medical conditions may include, but are not limited to broken limbs, hand injuries, concussions, or short-term impairments following surgery or medical treatments.

Additionally, we consult with faculty in thinking creatively about solutions to assess problems manifested after an injury.  It is our practice to present and discuss strategies and, where appropriate, to suggest reasonable flexibility in academic processes or time lines.

Documentation Requirements

To receive accommodations for a temporary health issue, the student must submit recent documentation from a healthcare provider to the Dean of Students Office indicating the type of condition, severity, limitations, prognosis, and its estimated duration.  It is also helpful to know any adverse side effects caused by medication and what accommodations are recommended.  We may request additional documentation to verify the need for continued services after the estimated duration of the condition has expired.

The student should call the Dean of Students Office at 315.859.4021 to set-up an appointment with the associate dean of students for multicultural affairs and accessibility services.  The meeting will consist of a review of the available documentation for the temporary medical condition and a discussion about possible accommodations and available resources.  The associate dean of students will advise the student if any additional paperwork is required prior to setting up accommodations.

Potential Accommodations

Academic accommodations are approved on a case-by-case basis. Accommodations for a temporary arm, hand, or upper extremity injury may include:

  • Note taking assistance
  • Audio recorder for lectures
  • Extended testing time
  • Computer for essay exams

Students with temporary medical conditions must meet with the associate dean of students to discuss:

  • Potential classroom and testing accommodations
  • Information on campus transports and accessible routes
  • Elevator access on campus
  • Information on handicap parking

Typically the Campus Safety Office provides building-to-building transports for students with temporary medical conditions.

Other Accommodations

Physical Education Courses

Students may request consideration and adjustments to physical education courses due to temporary medical conditions without needing to register with the Dean of Students Office.  Please contact  the associate director of athletics at 315-859-4753 to discuss needs.

Laptop Loans

The Dean of Students Office maintains two laptops and each has dual (Mac and Windows) operating systems.  They are also equipped with Dragon Naturally Speaking software which converts speech to text.  Please contact us to check on availability and to schedule an appointment to sign one out (includes signing a laptop loan agreement).

For more information on Accessibility Services at Hamilton College, contact Dean Harrison at aharriso@hamilton.edu.

Contact Information

Allen Harrison

Assistant Dean of Students for International Students and Accessibility
Elihu Root House
315-859-4021 315-859-4077 aharriso@hamilton.edu
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