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International students are required to have medical insurance coverage that is valid in the United States. Please read  information below for International Student Medical Coverage.  If you do not have coverage in the U.S., you will be enrolled for coverage through the College.

The College Health Center is available at no charge to you for minor illnesses. However, if you need to be hospitalized or have medical services that the Health Center cannot provide, you will be responsible for the cost. Also, the Health Center is closed for the summer (after late May). Hospital costs and doctor's fees are very expensive in the U.S.  A week in a hospital and a surgeon's fee, plus medication and other charges, could easily cost $10,000. It is important for you to have adequate medical insurance, in addition to the College accident policy, during your entire stay in the U.S. 

Please see the health center's website for further information.

Contact Information

Allen Harrison

Assistant Dean for International Students and Accessibility
Elihu Root House
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