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Social Security and Income Tax

F-1 students who plan to work on campus must acquire a Social Security Number (SSN). Only students who can provide a hiring letter from an on-campus employer are eligible to apply for a SSN. Students who are not working on campus need not apply.

The Coordinator of International Student Services will facilitate the application process. Applications cannot be submitted until the F-1 student has been in the U.S. for a minimum of two weeks and can provide proof of employment, therefore trips to the Social Security office in Utica (20 minutes away) are arranged during the second two weeks of September. The Social Security Office is located at 10 Broad Street, not far from the Utica train station.

Students must bring passports and Forms I-94, the I-20, a hiring letter and a letter from the Coordinator verifying eligibility for employment.  Complete instructions and details are available from the Social Security Administration website.

Students who are working should check their e-mail regularly to ensure that they do not miss the scheduled trips to the Social Security Office.

Possession of a social security number does NOT constitute eligibility to work.

U.S. Income Tax

All students employed on campus are required to fill out W-4 forms for United States income tax purposes. Students should use their local Hamilton College address and not their home address; otherwise, important and urgent mail may be delayed for long periods of time.

Some scholarships may be considered taxable income by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Students holding an F-1 visa are subject to withholding and payment of federal and state income taxes unless they are exempt by a provision of a tax treaty.

During the month of January all Hamilton employees, including students, receive W-2 statements showing their total taxable earnings and withholdings. Some students will also receive form 1042-S, which reports taxable scholarships and other income. All F-1 students are required to file the Income Tax Return before April 15 of each year. 

Hamilton annually purchases web-based computer software designed to help non-resident aliens with student visas complete their income tax forms.  Students can find additional information on income tax preparation here. Please watch your e-mail for announcements of these sessions so you don't miss out on information you may need.

Contact Information

Allen Harrison

Assistant Dean for International Students and Accessibility
Elihu Root House
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