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Update on Planned Summer Research, Internships, and Experiential Learning

Dear Students,

Hamilton remains committed to endowment-funded stipends and grants already awarded to you for summer research, internships, and experiential learning if they can be completed remotely and without travel this spring and summer.

Unfortunately, any travel connected with these funds will not be approved due to the social distancing and stay-at-home measures in place to contain the spread of COVID-19. These measures are likely to remain in effect for some months, and the College’s current restriction on non-essential travel applies to students as well as employees. This means that until further notice, Hamilton funds may not be used to pay for or reimburse spring or summer 2020 travel, regardless of the terms in the award letter. Examples that fall under this policy include traveling to pursue research, attending an event related to your research, presenting papers at conferences, and being onsite for an internship or mentorship.

For similar safety reasons, students will not be allowed to conduct research or activities on campus. This applies to all awards, including those for summer science (e.g., McGowan Fund) and those provided by the Levitt Center, and the Emerson and Kirkland endowments. If your original plan included on-campus research, you may change your plan to conduct the research remotely, as long as your supervisor agrees.

If you have already realized or encumbered fees or expenses, we will evaluate them on a case-by-case basis. We do not want you to be held responsible for non-refundable expenses, and sometimes we can help negotiate refunds or deferrals. Please contact Kim Reale (kreale@hamilton.edu) for assistance.

I know all that you have achieved to earn these opportunities, which are a valuable part of your Hamilton education, so I share your disappointment regarding the travel restrictions. If your work can be completed remotely and without travel, we want to support your ability to continue it. Please reach out to your advisors if you need guidance for reshaping your plans.


Suzanne Keen
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

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