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Additional Information

After Hours Care

If you need medical assistance when the health center is closed, call Security x 4141 to arrange free taxi transportation to:

Independent Physicians Urgent Care      (315) 793-8856

Slocum-Dickson Urgent Care (315) 798-1400
Faxton Urgent Care (315) 624-5226
St. Luke's Healthcare (ER) (315)-624-6112
St. Elizabeth's (ER) (315)-798-8111

Students are responsible for the cost of this medical service. Proof of insurance will be required at the time of service.

EMTs - Emergency Medical Technicians, Ext. 4000

Hamilton College has a student volunteer Emergency Medical Team. All members are NY State certified EMTs. This service is available 24 hours a day when classes are in session. In case of emergency, call (315) 859-4000 and EMTs will be dispatched to the scene. The EMT report becomes part of the student medical record, accessible only to the professional staff of the Health Center.



If you have a prescription card or participate in an HMO or have MEDICAID, it is your responsibility to inform the Health Center staff at the time you are seen. 

Sickness/Health Insurance
All Hamilton College students are required to have health insurance coverage. Hamilton offers a health insurance policy for those who need additional coverage or to those without health insurance.  

Student accident / injury insurance is extended without separate charge to all full-time matriculated Hamilton students. Charges not related to accidents are not covered under this policy. This is excess insurance and is secondary to any other collectible insurance covering the student.

The college does not handle direct billing with insurance companies. Students are responsible for submitting their own claims or to send bills home to be submitted to their insurance company on their behalf by the parent/guardian. For students enrolled in the health insurance through the college, claim forms can be obtained at the Health Center or Administration Service Office. The health insurance brochure can be obtained online from www.ajfusa.com


Medical information is strictly confidential and may be released only with the written permission of the student. The medical record is not accessible to anyone other than the professional staff of the Student Health Center. (In case of a serious medical emergency, family and the Dean of Students' office will be notified.)


The Student Health Center welcomes suggestions for improved patient care. If you have a complaint or concern about any aspect of the treatment you have received, please bring it to our attention so we may discuss it. Each member of the staff is a skilled professional concerned with providing quality health care.

Contact Information

Health Center

Johnson Center for Health and Wellness
315-859-4111 315-859-4963 After Hours Care
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