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Current Changes
Colleague ID: 2657152
First Name: Janet
Nick Name: Janet
Middle Init: Ann
Last Name: Gibbons
Job Title: Custodian

Address Information

Instructions: Please provide Human Resources with your current information.

Campus Address1: Facilities Management *
Campus Ext 1: 4500 *
Campus Address2:
Campus Ext 2:
Home Address: 150 Babbott Ave *
Home Address (cont'd):
City: Waterville *
State: NY *
Zip: 13480
Home Phone: 315-841-8357
Only enter if different than cell phone
Cell Phone: 315-982-3719

Emergency Contact Information

In an emergency situation, it may be necessary for the College to contact a relative or a close friend. This information will not be published in any form.

Emergency Contact Name:  Brian Gibbons   
Emergency Cell Phone:  315-982-3718   
Emergency Home Phone:     
Emergency Work Phone:     
Relationship:  Spouse   

Spouse/Partner Information

Please complete full name.

Current Value Changes
Relationship: Spouse
Name Brian Gibbons

Online Directory Preferences

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Do not publish home address in Web directory
Do not publish home phone in Web directory
Do not publish spouse / partner information in Web directory
Do not publish cell phone in Web directory
Do not publish photograph in Web directory (also blocks other Web display)

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