Hamilton Recruitment Policy

When a vacancy occurs, the hiring supervisor should contact Human Resources (HR) to discuss the following:

  • Is a replacement needed? Does the position description need to be updated? If yes, HR will forward the Recruitment Authorization form and the current description to the hiring supervisor for completion or review/update. HR is available to provide guidance and assistance in the completion of the Recruitment Authorization. Once completed and signed by the hiring supervisor and the Senior Officer, the form, along with the position description should be returned to HR. The HR Director will discuss with and obtain signatures from the VP for Administration and Finance who will send it to senior staff.
  • After approval by the Senior Officers, HR will meet with the hiring supervisor and Senior Officer to review the position description and define the characteristics of the ideal candidate and what skills, education and experience they should have. HR will also review the recruiting process, including where best to advertise to provide a diversified applicant pool (specific websites related to the position involved, newspapers, journals, NYS Job Service, etc.).
  • Once the position is approved, HR will create a listing (from the position description) for the HR job opportunities web page. A draft will be sent to the hiring supervisor for approval before posting. The responses will go to the apply@hamilton.edu mailbox.

When the resumes arrive, what happens?

  • Cover letters, resumes and related materials are copied and entered into a database for tracking/response purposes. HR will review the application packet based on the department's requirements as determined in the meeting mentioned above. Education, years of service, employment continuity, etc. will also be reviewed. HR review notes are included on the evaluation sheet attached to the back of the application packet. Resumes are separated into the following three groups:
    • Group 1 - warrants consideration: candidates possess all of the relevant education, experience, qualifications for the position.
    • Group 2 - may warrant consideration: candidates possess a majority of the relevant education, experience, qualifications for the position; and
    • Group 3 - does not warrant consideration: candidates have minimal or no relevant experience and education.
  • The first two groups are sent to the hiring supervisor for review weekly (more often, depending upon volume). All three groups will be sent, if requested. Supervisors are reminded to make all written comments on the evaluation sheet and not on the original documents.

Supervisor's review

  • The hiring supervisor (and search committee members, if appropriate) reviews the resumes and selects the top 8-10 candidates, adding their notes on the evaluation sheet.
  • The hiring supervisor must contact HR to review the selected candidates and discuss appropriate questions to ask during a phone interview. Supervisors are required to conduct phone interviews to determine who will be invited to campus for a formal interview.
  • When the final three or four candidates have been determined, the hiring supervisor should discuss with HR the logistics of bringing the candidates to campus (who will be interviewing the candidates, is an overnight required, who sets up the interview schedule, would a teleconference interview be more cost effective for out-of-state candidates, etc.) as well as questions to be asked of candidates.
  • Internal candidates who meet the minimum requirements for the position must be interviewed. For those who do not meet the minimum requirements, it is strongly suggested that a courtesy interview be granted.
  • The hiring supervisor will meet with HR to review top candidate(s) and discuss need for second interview and who will do reference checks.

After the interviews

  • Once a final candidate is identified, the hiring supervisor should discuss details of the offer with the Senior Officer and Human Resources. The hiring supervisor will make a verbal offer to the candidate, contingent upon the successful completion of a background report.
  • When the offer is verbally accepted, HR will send a background report release to the candidate for signature and order the report; response is usually 3-7 days. HR will contact the hiring supervisor to determine a start date when the background report has been received and approved.
  • The hiring supervisor should contact those individuals interviewed on campus but not selected and advise them of the outcome. Return all resumes to HR, indicating on the evaluation sheet those who have been phone interviewed. HR will send an appropriate letter.
  • HR will prepare the appointment letter for administrator positions and send it to the President's office for signature. Letters for staff and maintenance & operations candidates will be prepared and signed in HR.
  • HR will send the candidate a packet containing benefits information, depending on how close the start date is.
  • HR will add the new employee to the campus changes report that is distributed to the mail center, Campus Safety, ITS, etc. The offices receiving the report will initiate appropriate new employee processes particular to that office (e.g., network access, e-mail account, etc.).

What happens on the new employee's first day?

  • The individual should go directly to their new office when they arrive on campus. HR generally establishes a time with the hiring supervisor for new employee orientation and benefits enrollment some time during the first day.
  • The hiring supervisor should:
    • Introduce the individual around the office
    • Show them where the rest room is
    • Arrange for a co-worker to be their "buddy" for the first week or so to show them how things operate in the office
    • Arrange for him/her to take the Admission tour of the campus
    • Take them to specific offices/buildings on campus with which he/she will work on a regular basis (e.g., mail center, print shop, etc.).
    • Provide a department orientation manual, if available, and a copy of the job description.
  • If the new hire is eligible for membership in the union, HR will notify the Chapter Chairperson to allow union membership orientation.

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