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Digital learning in a liberal arts environment aims at more than technical competence in pursuit of functional goals. The framework's foundations embrace Hamilton's broader mission of preparing students for ethical decision-making and civic responsibility in an ever-changing world.

Ethics & Policy

Manuel Barrantes - Digital EthicsNew digital capabilities bring with them ethical and policy implications requiring more than technical proficiency. The digital learning framework offers students opportunities to develop the background knowledge necessary for understanding the ethical dilemmas that accompany these emerging technologies.

The current scholarly and professional literature focusing on digital ethics and policy may be grouped into three overlapping areas of inquiry: digital media ethics, information and computing ethics, and artificial intelligence and robotics ethics. Topics include autonomy, bias, fairness, freedom of expression, inclusion, intellectual property, privacy, responsibility, and security.

Hamilton Educational Goals

Christian A. Johnson HallHamilton College's educational goals were adopted by the faculty in 2011 to provide students and their advisors with a framework to help students define and shape their individual programs. The digital learning framework’s incorporation of these goals provides a way for students to integrate digital learning into their overall plans.

  • Intellectual Curiosity and Flexibility
    examining facts, phenomena and issues in depth, and from a variety of perspectives, and having the courage to revise beliefs and outlooks in light of new evidence
  • Analytic Discernment
    analyzing information, patterns, connections, arguments, ideas, and views quantitatively and symbolically
  • Aesthetic Discernment
    evaluating quality and value in a variety of artistic and other intellectual domains
  • Disciplinary Practice
    engaging in the focused and sustained practice of disciplinary techniques and methodologies in order to acquire mastery of a specific ability or craft
  • Creativity
    imagining and developing original ideas, approaches, works and interpretations, and solving problems resourcefully
  • Communication and Expression
    expressing oneself with clarity and eloquence, in both traditional and contemporary media, through writing and speaking, and through visual, aural, gestural and other modalities
  • Understanding of Cultural Diversity
    critically engaging with multiple cultural traditions and perspectives, and with interpersonal situations that enhance understanding of different identities and foster the ability to work and live productively and harmoniously with others
  • Ethical, Informed and Engaged Citizenship
    developing an awareness of the challenges and responsibilities of local, national and global citizenship, and the ability to meet such challenges and fulfill such responsibilities by exercising sound and informed judgment in accordance with just principles
DHi Virtual Reality

Digital Hamilton

Hamilton enables students to understand, communicate, and work effectively in an increasingly digital world.

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