Continued learning, both inside and outside a formal training program, is important for all members of LITS to help create a more inclusive and welcoming environment. Training sessions, along with opportunities for discussion and reflection, help us move forward with our efforts.

Training Emphases  

Fall 2023

All LITS staff were requested to complete two (2) of the following by December 22, 2023:

The LinkedIn Learning videos include assessment; you can access them by entering your Hamilton email address and password. If you have a connected LinkedIn account, you will also be asked for your LinkedIn password. 

To assess the training we asked that all LITS staff fill out a brief form after finishing each training session.

Spring 2021 Racism

Rhodes Perry offered several workshops throughout the semester, starting on Monday, January 18, 2021, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Mr. Perry describes the initial session as, “Racism is pervasive in the United States. It is deeply woven into the fabric of every institution and system, including higher education. It also exists on an interpersonal level, challenging the relationships we cultivate with our peers and colleagues. During this introductory workshop, we will examine how racism arises in our daily exchanges and practice ways we can safely disrupt it using the skills and resources we will gain. Our goal will focus on the ways we can begin undoing the learned and everyday behaviors that reinforce racism. Together we will move towards building a healthier campus culture that centers those on campus least likely to feel safe.”

Summer 2020 Implicit Bias

We expect for all LITS staff to complete an Implicit Bias learning module we developed, based on The Implicit Bias Video series created by the BruinX unit within the University of California, Los Angeles’s Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.  These modules are to promote self-assessment and reflection. 

We encourage LITS staff to take one or more of the Implicit Associations Tests (IAT) from Harvard's Project Implicit. This project compares differences between people and groups in regard to implicit bias. We hope you will find it valuable in increasing your self-understanding of the implicit bias attitudes and stereotypes.

Spring 2020 Microaggressions

In January 2020, Terry Martinez, Vice President, Dean of Students and Chief Diversity Officer at Hamilton, facilitated a discussion for LITS staff using Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts resources from the Diversity & Inclusion Center. We watched a video demonstrating how to respond in moments of diversity-related tension. We then discussed the practical, specific skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace.  All LITS staff are enrolled in a Blackboard course containing the now mandatory learning modules. 

Fall 2019 Microaggressions

During the fall of 2019, we had several division meeting presentations on the topic of microaggressions. These interactive sessions, led by LITS DEI Task Force members, helped LITS staff to be more aware of intentional and unintentional communication issues. 

Future Topics

Fall 2021 - Advocacy

Spring 2022 - Microaggressions

Fall 2022 - Implicit Bias


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