The LITS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is continuing our efforts to fulfill our three-fold charge (building a diverse team, arranging professional development opportunities for our staff, and providing diverse and inclusive services and resources).

In order to keep us all mindful of DEI issues, members of the Committee will be providing LITS with weekly emails on timely topics, interesting articles, upcoming webinars, workshop highlights, etc. Each email will have a brief summary sentence or two, a link (if applicable), and a reflection question or comment.

We ask that you take a few minutes out of your busy week to read these emails and consider its application to you and your work/home/family/... The subject line for each of these emails will be the same as this one: “DEI and LITS - Continuing our DEI Journey.”

10/23/20      Introductory Email (Beth Bohstedt)

10/25/20      Gender Equality (Abbi Tushingham)

11/2/20         Recap of Jennifer Brown Webinar - Cycle of “Unaware-Aware-Active-Advocate” (Beth Bohstedt)

11/12/20      Microaggressions (Christy Wentz)

11/21/20      Gendered Language - “Hey Guys” (Gretchen Maxam)

11/24/20      My Diversity Statement (Jerry Tylutki)

12/6/20         Pandemic Toll on Working Mothers (Jesse Thomas)

12/9/20         US Educational Divides (Kristin Strohmeyer)

12/17/20      White privilege, Reading list of related topic, Comics (Nhora Lucia Serrano)

1/8/21           Neurodiversity (Scott Paul)

1/21/21         Being a More Engaged “Bystander” (Beth Bohstedt)

1/25/21         5 D’s of Bystander Intervention (Christy Wentz)

2/9/21         Increasing Inclusivity (Jerry Tylutki)

2/22/21       Working at Hamilton (Kristin Strohmeyer)

3/26/21        New Initiative and Blog from CHOICE Magazine (Beth Bohstedt)

3/30/21       dRworks Workbook (Christy Wentz)

4/7/21          Preferred Pronouns (Gretchen Maxam)

4/15/21        Ableist Language (Jerry Tylutki)

4/26/21       Named Spaces (Kristin Strohmeyer)

4/30/21      NameCoach (Jesse Thomas)

5/5/21        Cinco de Mayo (Nhora Lucia Serrano)

5/24/21     Anti-Racism in Academia: A Learning Journey (Beth Bohstedt)

6/2/21       Continuing Our DEI Journey (Christy Wentz)

6/16/21    Belonging at Work Summit (Gretchen Maxam)

6/28/21    New “Normal” (Kristin L Strohmeyer)

9/14/21    National Hispanic American Heritage Month (Nhora Lucia Serrano)

10/4/21    Inclusion (Christy Wentz)

10/8/21     5 Ally Actions (Linda Lacelle)



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Director of Learning and Research Services

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