LITS Hiring Toolkit

Burke LibraryThis information is intended to serve as a resource tool for LITS hiring committees to discuss prior to beginning a search. It is designed to provide best practice strategies in one place to support the commitment of Hamilton College and LITS in meeting their goals of promoting equal opportunity and enhancing excellence through staff diversity.

It is designed to provide evidence-based strategies, with citation to the relevant research, to assist committee members in increasing their familiarity with the literature, and to facilitate discussions. This may be used in various ways with LITS hiring committees: it may be used in concert with hiring committee training, as a companion after reading agreed upon articles or viewing an agreed upon video, or as a tool for the committee chair to facilitate discussion as the committee begins its work.

LITS hiring committee members are also encouraged to review the Hamilton College Human Resources Policies in advance of beginning a search to become familiar with Hamilton’s search process, equal employment opportunity/affirmative action (EEO/AA) guidelines and best practices.


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