Implicit Bias Videos

LITS Staff are required to watch a brief video series on implicit bias, and complete a brief assessment.


Do’s and Don’ts


  • Be prepared; review the applicant’s materials.
  • Ask questions directly pertaining to the position, LITS, or Hamilton.
  • Ask the same questions of each candidate - be consistent.
  • Answer questions asked by the candidates in the same way.


  • Make assumptions about the applicant based on any of statuses listed below.
    • Ask any question pertaining to the applicant’s race, gender, gender identity, religion, age, marital/family status, sexuality, country of origin, or arrest record. (See chart below for illegal and legal questions.)
      Inquiry Area Legal Questions Illegal Questions

      • Have you ever worked under a different name? Is any additional information relative to change of name or use of an assumed name or nickname necessary to enable a check on your work record? If yes, explain.

      • What name(s) are your work records listed under?

      • Inquiries about the name that would seek to elicit information about the candidate’s ancestry or descent (e.g., what nationality is your last name?).

      • Inquiries about name change due to a court order, marriage, or otherwise.

      • Maiden name of married women.

      Age • An employer may ask whether an individual meets the minimum age requirements set by law, e.g. Are you over the age of 18?

      • Asking about an applicant’s age, date of birth, or for records to prove their age.

      • What year did you graduate from high school/college?

      National Origin/Citizenship • Are you authorized to work in the United States?

      • Are you a U.S. citizen? / Do you plan to become a U.S. citizen?

      • Where were you/your parents born?

      • What is your “native tongue”?


      • NONE! There are no acceptable questions.

      • (Voluntary submission of Equal Employment Opportunity [EEO] information may be made directly through HR - search committee will not see individual responses.)

      • Any question regarding a person's race/color are deemed illegal under state and federal laws.

      • NONE - no acceptable question for any LITS position!

      •(Inquiry or restriction of employment is permissible only when a Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) exists.)

      • Applicant’s gender cannot be used as a factor for determining whether an applicant will be “satisfied” in a particular job.

      • Any inquiry that would indicate gender of applicant.

      Marital/Family Status

      • Would you be willing to relocate if necessary?

      • Would you be able and willing to work overtime as necessary?

      • Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

      • With whom do you live?

      • Do you plan to have a family?

      • What are your child-care arrangements?

      Pregnancy • NONE! There are no acceptable questions.

      • Any question concerning pregnancy, birth control, or capacity to reproduce.

      • Advocacy of any form of birth control or family planning.

      Organizations • Inquiry into applicant’s membership in organizations that the applicant considers relevant to his/her ability to perform the job. (e.g. professional organizations such as ALA or EDUCAUSE)

      • Asking what organizations, clubs, and societies the applicant belongs to that are not relevant to his/her ability to perform the job (political, social, religious, etc.)

      • List all clubs, societies and lodges to which you belong.


      • NONE! There are no acceptable questions.

      • After an individual is hired, an employer may inquire about religious accommodations.

      • Any question with regard to an applicant's religious beliefs, denomination.

      • Any questions that indicate religious customs or holidays observed.

      Disabilities / Physical Characteristics

      • Are you able to perform the essential job functions?

      • Can you demonstrate how you would perform the following job-related functions?

      • Do you have any disabilities?

      • Complete a medical history.

      • How is your family’s health?

      • Do you need a reasonable accommodation?

      • How tall are you?

      • How much do you weigh?

      Language • Inquiry into languages applicant speaks and writes fluently if needed for the position.

      • What is your native language?

      • Inquiry into how applicant acquired ability to read, write or speak a foreign language.

      Photograph   May not be requested prior to hire.
      Arrest Record

      • Have you ever been convicted of -------? (a crime related to job qualifications.)

      • No applicant will be denied a position because of a conviction for an offense unless there is a direct relationship between the offense and the position, or unless hiring would be an unreasonable risk.

      • Have you ever been arrested?
      Driver’s License/Travel

      • Do you possess a valid NYS driver’s license? (if necessary to perform duties of the position)

      • This position requires travel. Are you willing to travel?

      • Requirement that an applicant produce a driver’s license.

      • Since you have children will you have trouble getting the time to travel?


      (If military is listed on application:)

      • In what branch of the Armed Forces did you serve?

      • What type of training or education did you receive in the military?
      • If you were in the military, were you honorably discharged?




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