Actively search for candidates using jobseeker databases and services designed to attract diverse applicant pools.

Circulate job ads in targeted venues that reach diverse applicants, such as specialized publications, professional associations or focused conferences.

Reach out to applicants from underrepresented groups individually during and before a search (Wennerås & Wold, 1997). Seek out talented scholars at conferences and invite them to campus to present on their research.

When contacting colleagues, specifically ask for recommendations of candidates from groups that are underrepresented in your department in addition to other recommendations.

Pay attention to expectancy bias based on institutional reputation and consider candidates who may be currently under-placed and thriving at less well-ranked institutions.

Listservs and Emails

Human Resources coordinates employment searches, including job advertisement placement.  Additional resources can be found below:



Paid Advertising:

  • Ability jobs
  • All Diversity
  • American Association for Access, Equity and Diversity
  • CareerOneStop “Business Center”
  • Diversity Employers
  • HBCU Connect
  • Hero2Hired (H2H)
  • Hispanic Today
  • iHispano
  • INSIGHT into Diversity
  • National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP)
  • National Employment Minority Network (NEMNET)
  • Out Professionals
  • Workplace Diversity


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Director of Learning and Research Services

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