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Create a ListServ List

Examples of Listserv List Information

List Name

List Purpose


Discussion list for Instructional Technology for Teaching and Learning


Discussion list for WS 170 / BIO 170: Physiology, Gender & Exercise


Moderated list for the Distance Education Online Symposium


In the List Name field in the form, type in a name that is brief and easy to associate with your list. Also note that list names are treated in E-mail as though they are real users. To help distinguish the list address from a real E-mail account, it is often helpful to include "-L" in the list name. The inclusion of "-L" however, is not required.

In the Purpose field in the form, type in a very brief description of how the list is to be used. Please do not exceed 70 characters. The description must fit on a single line.

Create a ListServ List

To create a list on the Listserv server, you need to fill in the form below. The person completing the form will become the owner of this list, and will be the contact person for ITS.

(First & Last only)
(include @hamilton.edu, please)
Your list name should be brief but descriptive. Please do not include spaces in the list name. (8-10 characters).
This should be a brief description of the list's intended use and/or topic. Please limit your description to 6-8 words or less.

ListServ is a robust product with more features than can be listed here. If none of the suggested configurations below meet your needs, please write to spaul@hamilton.edu.

Please indicate the type of list you want below:
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