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From the Editor - Maureen Scoones

As the semester winds down, a few reminders to help you protect yourself and your data, along with tips for scheduling AV support for the numerous events ahead!

Email Phishing Schemes Persist - Beware!
- Maureen Scoones

If you receive an email that looks like it came from ITS regarding a service we provide, and the message contains a link for you to enter personal information (username and password) in order to continue the service, e.g. access to your email, stop! The message is most likely a phishing scheme. More...

Tips for Scheduling AV Support - Claire Skjellerup

To ensure all of your end of semester events go off without a hitch, we provide these tips to help you in your planning. More...

Security Improvement Planning Underway - Dave Smallen

Last fall Hamilton, along with other NY 6 Colleges (Colgate, Union, Skidmore, Hobart and William Smith and St. Lawrence) hired a team of security consultants to assess our network security environments. More...

Mobile Learning Summit - Jim LaVere

On Friday March 16th, Hamilton hosted the first Mobile Learning Summit. This new annual event was a product of the partnership between Hamilton and NYSCATE (The New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education). More...

Achieving Your Goals - Maureen Scoones

ITS subscribes to an online training library, Lynda.com, that contains over 1000 video tutorials you can access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While technology titles are numerous, each month, business skills tutorials are released. New at the end of last month: Achieving Your Goals. New this month: Invaluable: Building Professional Connections. Contact Maureen Scoones (mscoones@hamilton.edu, x4178) for an account.

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Google Apps Tips & Tricks - Maureen Scoones

Use your email signature to help facilitate follow-up conversations. In addition to adding your phone number, you can also format it so the information stands out.

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Web Editing Class Schedule - Maureen Scoones

SiteManager classes and working sessions continue to be offered. Whether creating a page for your administrative office, academic department, student organization, or your own professional page, SiteManager, Hamilton's own web editing tool, can be used to create your web presence.

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