5 things to know about mass mailing lists

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This article originally appeared in the August 2012 Newsletter and as a friendly reminder, is repeated in August 2013.

5 Things You Need to Know About Sending Mass Mail Messages

by Debby Quayle

As many of you are already aware, as a service to the Hamilton College community, several email based mass mailing lists are available. These are designed to facilitate the timely and cost-effective distribution of information to the campus community.

In order that these lists remain a reliable means of communication, it is important that members of the Hamilton community abide by a few guidelines. These guidelines are not designed to limit free speech but are intended to keep your mail volume at a reasonable level.

  1. Messages sent to the mass mailing lists (e.g. notices-all, events-students, etc.) must comply with the guidelines set forth by the Committee on Information Technology.  Failure to comply with the guidelines can result in the loss of your ability to send mass mail announcements.  The guidelines (and the list names) can be read on-line by going to: 

  1. You must send your message to the correct list!  If your announcement contains a date/time AND place it should be sent to the appropriate events list. Announcements that are considered notices may list a date and time (as in a deadline) but they typically will not contain a place.
  2. Only two messages can be sent per event.  If the event is canceled, two cancelation messages are allowed. 
  3. Students can send mass mail if they are an approved representative of a student organization or they are sponsored by an administrative or faculty office. As an alternative, announcements can be submitted to exception@hamilton.edu.
  4. Never copy and paste content from a word processor into your email message.  The word processor embeds hidden codes that will do unpredictable things in email.
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