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By Tim Hicks

ITS and the Library recently began a project to identify VHS tapes with high usage in order to replace them with DVDs.

With nearly 5000 tapes in the collection, AV has been reluctant to remove VHS decks from the podium systems. However, new technologies are making VHS playback increasingly difficult, therefore necessitating the removal of VHS decks from most locations as technology enhanced classrooms are upgraded. Rooms that require the VHS format because of film classes will retain the VHS decks while they are available. 

If there are VHS titles that you require to show each semester please contact AV (Claire Skjellerup, AVS Coordinator, cskjelle@hamilton.edu, x4120) so we can work with the Library to replace them on DVD if available. Also please feel free to contact Claire if you need assistance finding DVD copies of VHS tapes from your personal collections that you regularly use in class.

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